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Seeking suggestion from experienced people

There are lots of people aroud us who are selling review. What you think, is it helpful or it may affect my account!!


As far as I know this is not good for a seller account. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you bro, but I’m knew, I’m nkt able to get any project without ratinga and review. What should i do?

  1. Research about your gig categories
  2. Active 24 hours.
  3. send 10 buyer request daily.

Last wait for the order.

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I’m doing all that you mentioned, but buyer request appear limited. I always try to send best buyer request but still i didn’t get any order.

@mabedincbiu, Buy a review not a good practice. I think in future It will be affect your seller account. If you have no order a long time, you should more concern about how to improve your gig, such as description, gig title, keyword, and service, Also you should improve your works and communication quality. at last you need to in online more time, then Most of clients knock who is online. I am not a good seller but in my short memory i think its a good practice for new order from a potential buyer. Thanks

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Doing these will lose your gig’s rank.

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Of course you are not allowed to buy or sell reviews. You will most likely be immediately banned if found out. And, no, you can’t create a new account.


Thank you so much for your kind suggestions.

okay. thanks bro for your kind suggestion.

Thank you so much for your kind suggestion.