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I wanna know about the fiverr skill test…Can you please explain me…???


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It is currently in some kind of beta testing stage, that means it is not available to everyone.

You can check if it is available to you by clicking on your profile image on the upper right and then clicking on “My Profile”. If it is available to you, you will see it on the left side somewhere between “Linked Accounts” and “Skills”.

By taking skill tests you can show to your customers that you have knowledge in a certain field. That’s all.


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Thanks for your info…but I wanna know about details about it…I mean how I can complete my skill test properly !? can you please !!

If the skill tests are available to you (if you are one of the choosen ones to beta test it), you have an option in your profile (for how to get there please see my previous post).

There you have a link / button which you can click to take a test.

Edit: if you do not have a button / link to take a skill test, then skill tests are not available to you at the moment and you will have to wait until it gets available to you.

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Thanks a lot for your info…@thomaslener

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