Seeking Writing Services? Look No Further!


I am proud to offer article/blog/content writing services along with press release writing, resume/petition/business letter writing/editing.

I genuinely love to write and have honed this skill over an extensive period of time. My response rate and reviews are excellent and I would be thrilled to provide any writing services that you may need.

I can begin working immediately and for those who would like to place custom orders, I will happily accommodate you as well.

Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you.


Now there is a familiar face…
It’s faster than I expected, but there you are.
If you need advice regarding your Gigs, you can always open a discussion asking for help.
There are two or three things I’ve seen you could improve.



Let’s not get into an argument again. I’m simply working on maximizing my success on this platform as should all sellers. I’m not lowering my prices to $5, but if you have constructive and polite feedback for me, then that’s fine. I’m determined to become a top rated seller and a Fiverr success story. There’s nothing wrong with using the forum to advertise.


You shouldn’t touch your prices. You sell your work as better suits you, we all do the same.
There is no argument about that, this is the Forums, and believe it or not we’re here to help… some in a nice way… and some like I do :+1:

Of course, there is nothing wrong, that’s why there is a whole section for Fiverr Gigs.

If you’re willing to take advice it’s fine, I’m not an angel though, I’m direct with giving advice, and I can tell a few still thank me for that.


I’m definitely willing to hear what you have to say… :slight_smile:


First thing is to understand how this works:

At the beginning the new sellers are being somehow “promoted” by Fiverr’s search engine, by Fiverr’s section “New Arrivals” and also as “Recommended”

That situation remains not too long: you can experience a dramatic grow at the beginning, followed by a “stand-by” period.

That stand-by period is determined by your actions: you can work to get out, or wait until Fiverr puts you again “up” which will take a long while.


That actually makes a lot of sense.

In the beginning, I did get a fair amount of buyers (semi) back to back. Since I was last on the forum, I’ve had two new sales.

One of my goals is to get a new Fiverr client everyday and so I’m trying to be proactive during this stand-by period by promoting my gigs, studying the words/phrases that will rank higher on the search engine, and watching YouTube videos from other successful sellers.

How did you maximize your success during the stand-by period?


I bet you’ve experienced a low-sell period now.
I’ve checked your Gigs and there is already almost 30 days with no movement, even when you have good reviews.
The thing is:
Either you’re not in the first 3/5 pages on your category, by filtering with Average Customer Review, or as Recommended.
That means people will find it harder to find you, as most buyers won’t go further than the 5th page.


You’re a smart girl, you don’t need much to understand. I knew that :+1:
Look, first step:

Check your Tags.

Those are important for the search engine.
How would youlike your potential clients to find you?

Fact: Your Best seller Gig

First 2 Tags: Blog - content writer

If you search with those specific words on the search engine, take a look what comes as result


Of course.

I’ve been working to rank higher, but definitely getting more buyers, hence good reviews. Someone on this forum actually just contacted me about my gigs so maybe promoting here will increase my sales and my rankings.

Did you have any additional suggestions or tips that might prove helpful? I see you’ve been on Fiverr for awhile and have lots of sales.


Will do :slight_smile: Thanks so much.


Keep in mind:

The first 2 Tags are your battle horses

There you should use your best weapons…

I would change positions with “article writer” or “article writing” Those would be for me, my two winners.

By changing Tags, the system will take a while to recognize them and you will find a small change on the search engine.

Remember: Fiverr is all about “to be found” and if nobody finds you, then make yourself noticeable.

Try changing those small things and I invite you to come after few days and tell me how it goes :+1:


Alright that sounds great. I’m going to go through all of my gigs and improve my tags.

I think being hard to find is one of the main hurdles I need to overcome.

Thank you so much for your help, :smile: