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Seeking your URGENT HELP Guys [RESOLVED]


Hello there,
I am in a trouble. Please help me solve it.

Just now, waking up from the bed, I switched on my laptop and entered my Fiverr account. The surprising matter was, I saw the title below my profile picture has been changed!!! It was “An Experienced Email Marketer, and HTML Coding Expert” in original but I saw another quote there instead of this line. Then I edited it and it’s all right now. The another problem I am facing is after this occurrence, I am noticing “THE GREEN SIGNAL” that is the indicator of showing one online isn’t working! I have refreshed it many times but it’s still in GREY color! It’s not turning GREEN.

So, my asking to you:

  1. What is the most probable cause of changing “About me” lines? I was thinking my account has been hacked! Hasn’t it?
  2. What should I do to turn on “the GREEN SIGNAL?”

Kind regards,
Minthal Ahmed Masum


Hi Minthal,
For the record, One day I just logged on to my account and saw there is a guy on my profile picture, I was so scared and just in a second I went for a Ticket on CS, while I’m typing my ticket I just saw that the profile picture was again back to my picture. I don’t know the reason but somehow it happened. I don’t understand what is happening here.
Kind regards,



you can contact the immediately custom support for that so they will help you, the CS was trying to solve the issue, and they also make some changes in website that;s why it will blink, don’t worry contact the CS. :slight_smile:


Yeah @prabhaviridhmik, I am still thinking of what’s the wrong! And if these happens frequently, the sellers will lose their security and dependence on Fiverr. They should take steps happening these bug or should have stop frequent update.


Ok @logoflow, I am contacting CS right now:slight_smile::slight_smile:


of courese @minahmmas . These updates have gone way long it seems.


welcome :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
Before contacting the CS, I have had my problem solved! Yahoooooooooo! But don’t know for why that happened! After all, I am happy that the problem has ben resolved. :grinning:

Thanks for your quick responses and guidelines.
Lot’s of love and respect:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I don’t know the day when the CS will stop their frequent update! It affects a lot to the sellers, right? Although I am not an experienced member of fiverr, learned from reading different posts here and there about the update.