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Seem I have been scammed by fiverr

It’s my first time on fiverr and I really WISH I had never signed up. I tried to order a gig on fiverr and I decided to pay with bitcoin (big mistake) because I have no money in my paypal account. As I was about to complete the order, there was a glitch with fiverr that took all the money I had in my bitcoin account ($235) instead of just $5. So I contacted their customer support thinking it’s no big deal that the money will be reversed in no time, instead it took them 3 days to get back to me.

Here’s the first message I got from them.

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, we’re experiencing a high volume of support requests on our end and we do apologize if this response comes too late or if your issue was already resolved without us.

We’re looking into this for you, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Vicky - Fiverr Customer Support

And here’s my response :

Hi Vicky,

Thanks for getting back to me. Please find attached a screen shot of the transaction. I hope I don’t have to wait another 3 days to hear from you again.


After some days and some emails they finally replied me and this is the second and last message I got from them:

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience as we looked further into this for you. Unfortunately, we cannot refund Bitcoin payments. So we have added $235 to your Fiverr shopping balance. You can view your balance in the green box to the right of your username on the black menu bar. The funds will be used automatically for your next Fiverr orders of $235 or less.


Julia - Fiverr Customer Support

I have emailed them several times after this message and they have refused to answer me.

Now my question is this, why can’t they refund bitcoin payment? is it right for fiverr to add the money to my account without my consent? They can accept bitcoin payment but cannot issue a refund if something goes wrong? Especially when it’s not my fault. Because my intention was to spend only $5 and that’s it, instead they have forced or scammed me into spending the whole $235 on their stupid website which I don’t plan on using again. I cannot withdraw or do anything else with the money, the only option I have right now is to spend it on their website which to me seem like their plan all along. If you have experienced something similar before, please feel free to share your experience so that others won’t get up like me.

Reply to @kjblynx: But he said that he ordered a gig of $5 and they somehow charged him $235… I mean, if that is truth they must refund him as it was system fault, not his.

I would be furious! It’s true that Fiverr doesn’t offer refunds on purchased gigs, but if you didn’t purchase the gigs and Fiverr simply took money from your account without your consent, then they need to return your money.

I would message Fiverr again and ask them to explain their justification for stealing money from your account. Contact Bitcoin and notify them of this theft. Save all of your proof! Notify the Better Business Bureau if Fiverr continues to give you a hard time.

Good god! That is unacceptable. That is a scam I completely agree. Even if it is a mistake, that is terrible business on their end to not help you. Hopefully, like everyone already mentioned, you can get a hold of someone who actually cares enough to make this right for you. I’m so sorry this happened.

Vicky at customer service is horrible. I wasted many hours and days showing her proof and she doesn’t even care probably cuz she’s happy collecting her fiverr/hr job. Their customer service is horrible

Perhaps, you can use now this $235 to purchase gigs, and I can say it’s a lot of different services. But, as someone said above, you should contact them again and again.

Unfortunately, Fiverr CS is horrible. Especially, if it’s a serious issue. I feel sorry for you. But, you can use this money to purchase gigs. Maybe they will help you to earn more.

What kid of gig did you purchase? Are you sure you didn’t ad any extras? Some sellers h ave $100 extras in their gigs, or the quantity is different.

I do not know how bitcoin works, but if you have the order email from when you went to purchase the $5 gig, and it should say on it who the seller is and what item you bought, you can show a link to that seller that they have nothing for sale for $235. DOes bitcoin handle disputes? I would also email back customer service again with that info as well.

I see the image you pasted in above about your bitcoin, but what about the automated email that gets sent from Fiverr that says thank you for your order. What did that email say?

Somehow it looks like one person added a bit of a rant to this thread today and it resurrected an old thread. The OP might still be around but I thought I’d mention that there is a good chance they are long gone. (What an awful buyer experience - too bad.)

I have been burnt by fiverr for $50 few days back myself so brother please don’t waste time with their customer support. They are the one who bought their own advertising campaign.

There was a time when Fiverr support could get your money back from technical errors, fraudulent sellers and misplaced orders but now you’re on your own.

I’d also came here to share my story so that people think twice before putting their money here.

Try to move on.