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Seems fiverr not refund Processing Fee when cancel order. Badly!

I just cancel one $75 order with Processing Fee $3.75. But I just found $75 in my fiverr balance. Fiverr suck Processing Fee. So as a buyer, we should take care of seller which can’t do job.

It’s foolish idea to suck Processing Fee no matter order did or not.

That’s NOT “more” of a problem than the fee is in the first place, and here’s why.

The xaction fee does not apply to orders with funds already in your fiverr account (either earnings or credits). So this means, you’ll be able to purchase the next $75 worth of gigs you order WITHOUT either transferring any cash to Fiverr from you Paypal or credit card…or…paying a xation fee on that new purchase.

It’s frustrating, to be sure, but not as penalizing as you’re thinking.

It is a rip-off. Fiverr is protecting unscrupulous sellers. they dont care about buyers.

Hi @yohame, hi @senghonggoh,

you are both wrong :wink:

Right now, there is another (better, in-depth) thread about this topic:


Hi again, yohame.

I saw your “business concept” in your profile description. It´s the old idea you have, letting others work for you, and you earn for the work they do…

That´s… let´s say… “a bit” risky or? :slight_smile:

So it is not a “big surprise” that you have more bounced deals than others. You are just a middleman, you need to negotiate twice… double risk!

That´s you:
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Agree 100%

in my case, it’s placing orders and receiving the seller’s interpretation of what I should have rather than what I asked for. I have spent a whole month now and 400 dollars because sellers are agreeing to do my idea then never delivering or delivering something I didn’t order.

in this case I see Fiverr getting paid off of my processing fee and then the seller still gets paid? I’m not sure but it’s not hard to see that maybe it’s just a racket that I willingly give money to a company for nothing.