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Seems gig promotion is bogus!

This is bs. I wonder why I am even doing this. Seems very unfair that I have an active gig over a week that isn’t even listed. I have tried every search topic I have listed under gig and I cant even find my gig. I have gone to every page until it stopped. I have seen the same ads over and over again which seems so UNFAIR!!! Are these people paying Fiverr to have them seen first. Is Fiverr basically Google??? Just doesnt seem right!

Fiverr gives your gig a chance when you first create it. Your new gig will pop to the front occasionally for a few days. If it does well, your gig will be ranked. If it gets no sales, it will be pushed to the back with all of the other new gigs. The only way to move your gig up the searches is to get sales.

Try buyer requests and advertising.


Do not post, offer or ask for:

  • Followers, subscribers, fans or views on social media platforms.

The above is from the Community Standards.

Fiverr does not allow such gigs.


I checked straight 5 days in a row doing the same searches on different Fiverr accounts that I have for my business and it still did not show. It doesnt even show 1 impression on it either. Not one.

How do you know how many impressions it has? The gig stats is currently disabled for everyone. They’re working to fix it, hopefully.

A week is mediocre compared to the time some people had to wait to get an order.

Your gig won’t be found unless you get orders.

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What you see when you search Fiverr, is not the same as what someone else sees. Every search, for every user, is different. This is how dynamic search algorithms work. Just because YOU can’t find your gig in a search, doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t see it at the top in their searches.

And @guymastrion is correct. You have no idea what kind of impressions your gig is gaining, because we all see “NA” for those metrics on our Analytics page – and Fiverr even posted a clear and hard-to-miss explanation at the top of your Analytics page for why you can’t see any metrics. It’s a bug that is being worked on, and may still take a few weeks to fix.

Don’t worry about where you see your gigs – or don’t see your gigs – in the search results. That’s not what matters here. What matters is how well YOU are working to connect with your target customers, and that includes your own marketing, which, as a business person, you should already be doing.


As @lloydsolutions mentioned, and you ignored, the service you’re offering isn’t allowed on Fiverr (and you could get an account warning, or a permanent ban, for offering it). Perhaps that’s why your gig can’t be found in search.


OP - you have one gig that is in breach of TOS twice.

Maybe reading the Terms of Service before you’re banned is a good idea …


Hello Guys,

This is in regards to BoostYourPost. The reason why I even did a gig like that was because everyone else did. I simply did a gig exactly like the others except better pricing and what I feel is a better product. I mean exactly. I am a buyer now for my business on Fiverr and thought about purchasing these same products from other sellers. However, when I try to do my first gig as a seller you remove gig and delete my account. You know I wasn’t happy with the traction on my gig after searching for it all over and not finding it. You said in the Community Forum “Constructive criticism is welcome, criticize Ideas, not people”. My HUGE criticism is that there are hundreds of gigs like the one I was railroaded on and they are still there a month later. Tell me how thats fair. But whatever, it is what it is. The world’s just not what it use to be.