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Seems like the Fiverr is Not Bothered to Fix the Search Engine Algorithm even after so many Months!


Sellers Work Very Hard to Reach in Top of High Rating of their Respective Gig Category & than your Faulty Search Engine Places Random Gigs having High Price Value , in the High Rating Tab Results…I mean How can a gig with 40 Reviews & 4.5 Rating be Placed in Top Rows of First Page of HIGH RATING in any Category whereas there are gigs with Even 5k+ Feedbacks & 4.9 Rating & they are Nowhere seen in Search…If this goes on For Few more Months , Almost All Sellers are gonna Leave & Fiverr will loose a Big Chunk of Buyers too , Because it takes a Big Team to Do 40-50 Orders a Day along with Revisions ( For the Gigs Placed in TOP Rows of High Rating ) & You just can’t Play with them by Removing them & Placing Random gigs which don’t deserve to be there , How are those sellers with Big Teams are gonna Cope if there is No work due to Search engine Bugs !! It’s High Time Now , You Testing thing should be Done by Now & You need to Start Respecting Sellers who Put Lot of Efforts & Hard work to Keep the Buyers Happy… A lot of Sellers are Suffering from this & you don’t seem to fix it despite knowing that the issue is there !!


It was all good, and orders were coming in. And they just stopped. Since then, I have only received orders from returning buyers. Zero new leads. Its so bloody annoying -_-


I understand your frustration and I think some things could be working better, but in the long run I don’t think this exact issue is anything Fiverr would worry about. There are so many sellers on the site now that Fiverr and other sellers could actually benefit from some losses. For all I know, that’s part of the plan. There would be plenty of sellers to serve the existing buyer population from the budget buyers to the few high-end ones even if hundreds of sellers quit tomorrow.

My suggestion would be to focus on what you can do to improve your situation. I know that paying a 20% commission means that you feel like you deserve to be seen and that might be true up to a point. If people quit, though, they either have to find alternate sites with better conditions or try to freelance on their own without a platform. That’s really hard to do in reality. Best of luck.


Yes , They have Messed it Big Time…I was Earning Around 7.5k - 8k Per Month And 3 Days ago don’t know what happened to Me & I made some Changes to My Gig like title & Images… After that it’s been 3 Days & there is No New Message or Order !! And Customer Support is not Helping at all !! This is How they are Ruining everything for Sellers who are working so Hard & they don’t give a Damm about them !!!


It’s Not about Me ! It’s about the MarketPlace , the Kind of Environment they are Making for Sellers & Buyers. That’s what’s gonna matter in Long Run…Also I didn’t say that they don’t have sellers to Serve buyers But are they All Good ? No !! So Ruining Gigs of Sellers Which are doing Extremely Good , is not a Wise Move for fiverr in long Run… All i said was that the Sellers on TOP have Big Teams to Do Work & if fiverr Toys with those Sellers & they don’t Get Orders due to Poor Search Engine Algorithm then they will have No Option But to Leave , as no one can fund Salary of Their Team from their Own Pocket when there is No Certain Future even when you are Placed in TOP of the First Page… Fiverr can Get a lot of Sellers But they won’t Get Who are GREAT & DOING GREAT & When Buyers will Spread Bad Word of Mouth after Getting Work from These New Sellers which won’t be able to Provide quality , than fiver will Eventually Loose Buyers… This is What i meant


To be honest, I see a lot of high quality sellers still here for the long term from veterans to fairly new ones. Whether it was a popular move or not, the Pro addition brought more. New sellers will continue to come if there is any money to be made and some of them will be good communicators who can provide quality work. The ones who can’t won’t survive. Platforms evolve. I still understand how you feel, that’s just my personal take on it.


I’m so sorry this has happened to you.

Any changes made on a gig will take 24 hours for it to be approved by Fiverr.


@thecreativeguys is right, and 3 days isn’t really long enough to be sure of anything on a large freelancing platform. Ebb and flow is really normal. CS may not be able to help much since they don’t generally offer much assistance with Search unless they can verify an absolute long term and unintended technical glitch. Just hang in there and consider what else you can do to draw traffic.


Thank you for your Concern But it’s been 3 Days after i made Changes & their has been nothing… No Message no New Order… I was Getting 15 Orders & 10-15 Messages from New Buyers Daily for the last 1 year… Now i made some changes to gig & Everything is Gone… I mean their Search Engine is So PATHETIC & Full of Bugs that it can Ruin any gig , Even if they are Doing so Good !!


I was Getting 15 Orders & 10-15 Messages from New Buyers Daily for the last 1 year… Now i made some changes to gig & Everything is Gone… I made Changes because i Read a Post / Comment By Fiverr Staff Member that you should try to Make Changes in your Gig from Time to time , Don’t know why i took that Seriously & made Changes !!! Everything is Gone Now… Me & My Team Put so Much Effort in the Gig & it’s all Gone , Everything Just Vanished due to my Silly Mistake of Making Little Changes in Gig !!


Give it some more time. You got lucky avoiding the normal ups and downs if you were steady for that long, I can tell you that even many level 2 and TRS with thousands of reviews have slow times. You would have been forced to edit your gig eventually because Fiverr is moving gradually to search tags instead of title searches.

You can’t avoid editing at some point in time, so that isn’t something to beat yourself up about. It might take a while to gain traction again and you might have to really listen and promote yourself for a while. Most importantly, don’t send messages to Support that have such emotional language or swear words because that can hurt you a lot more than just making edits. I think you are in panic mode right now so maybe you can’t focus on anything else yet. Just try to give things some time.


Don’t change title friend…it’s very sensitive.


My opinion is to not change anything if you have a gig that is getting messages and sales regularly.


Yes , I think it will take few more days…Not Emotional though :slight_smile:


Yeah , I got to know now & I Request each & Every Seller Reading this to Not to Change their Gig in Anyway if you are Getting Good Work. As you will End up Regretting Big Time !!


Totally Agree with you…Regretting it Big Time But there is Glimpse of Hope that it will be Normal after Few Days…As it was doing Great until i Changed the gig Title & Images


I don’t think they messed up (well, maybe in the first 1-2 months). I think it’s part of their path & strategy to evolve and adapt.

As far as I see it, there is no broken algorithm - I think this is the new algorithm! So why not adapt yourself to this new algorithm instead of hoping for the old one to come back? :wink:


I dont know what i did, but they just stopped. And yes, it has been worrying me since Fiverr is my main source of income.


Yes , It’s Worrying…You can Start a new gig if that helps


I am not hoping for the old one to come back & it’s not gonna come like that :slight_smile: . All i said is that there is no Proper system in this New Algorithm…They are just Placing Random Gigs in the " Average Customer Review " Tab . I don’t need to adopt to anything…The Issue is their is bug in the Search Engine…You must be Getting Good Orders after this Bug , Maybe that’s why you want it to be like it’s now … " Average Customer Review " Tab Means " High Rating " & anyone having a little common sense can figure out that the gigs placed there in that tab are not the Right one’s