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Seen a strange letter "s" after the portfolio link!


Seen a strange letter “s” after the portfolio link when checking out my profile. Does that mean something? Not a big deal If it is an error but still it exist at everyone profile i think…


Hi @divyagoel The forum development people just added everyone’s Fiverr profile to their forum profile (as many users had asked for - yay!) but it seems an “s” got added on the next line. It’s been reported and I’m sure they will fix it. It doesn’t affect the use of your profile. :slight_smile: In addition, the old “website” field gives you an extra area for something Fiverr-related if you want to use it. You can now go into your profile Preferences and add a Fiverr related link there too. So, your Fiverr profile will show automatically, but if you like you can also put in your best selling gig or a new arrival gig (or something else) in your website field.


Thankyou for the information and yes you are right…it doesn’t affect much…i think that’s a great idea to add link of my favorite gigs there…Thanks


Thanks for reporting. It’s fixed.