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Seen a video of my office from one of the sellers. Is this normal?


Hi All, I was looking through some links that a seller sent me and it was a video loop of my office can anyone explain??


Hi, we’re just regular Fiverr users, so we don’t have any special insight into this. I recommend you contact the seller and ask where the video came from - if you don’t get a suitable response, I recommend contacting Fiverr customer service and explaining the situation.


Maybe someone with a video camera visited your office one day and recorded some stock footage?

Alternatively, maybe you have not secured the IP of your office CCTV system and are being watched constantly by thousands of people online. - (A surprisingly common problem).

Best advise everyone to stop monkeying around with the office photocopier after hours…




Contact customer support


Think I just nailed it.


Well Cyaxrex, you may have solved the mystery. :slight_smile: