Segregating Regular and Pro gigs: An Idea


Hello all!

I think there is a reasonable consensus that ‘Fiverr Pro’ is an outstanding development but mixing the Pro gigs with Regular ones is bad, I mean very bad: It adds confusion to Buyers, regular Sellers get unwarranted competition, true Pros come about as scam artists and Fiver itself loses it’s essence as an affordable marketplace.

It’s sensible to ask for two segregated marketplaces - one standard and other premium - both accessible via same Fiverr platform. Some of us were suggesting if Fiverr should put Pro marketplace on a different Domain/Sub-domain/Url. And I thought, as a front-end developer, will moot a small alternative idea.

How about a “Master Toggle Switch”?

I mean, let the two categories of Gigs be completely segregated and “Toggle Switch” be put so that the Buyers, according to their requirement, can easily ‘toggle’ between the two marketplaces.

Here are screenshot of what I meant made with In-Browser edits:

Search results defaulted to Regular gigs when searched for ‘Logo Design’…

And when toggled to Pro marketplace…

What do you think? Alternative ideas are welcome.


The “reasonable consensus” used to be that the earth was flat. A few challenged it and over time proved that it was not flat. Then that became the consensus. :smiley:


hmm… not sue if it’s a consensus. But surely not many (including me) liked the idea of combining Regular and Pro gigs. May be it’s because not many Pro sellers are on the forum.


Bhai, you are ideally suited for these Pro gigs - you offer a highly technical service, which few can. You can either apply to create a pro gig yourself, or price one that is higher than your current rate, but 33% lower than that of a Pro gig. You can actually take full advantage of this, and cross 20L if you haven’t already :joy:


Personally I would hate to be on the “not good enough” platform.
This way the Pros get to stand out a bit but not be deemed so superior that we cannot be in the same place as them. I think people need to give it time and realize that the Pro gigs which sell are not really going to take away from the rest of us and that those buyers who do come along will probably have a look around at others too.


Well, tbh, I’m already a pro…just not the Pro kind of pro!


Well, I think it would depend of the perspective I guess. We are speaking about “Standard vs Premium” not “Sub-standard vs Premium”.


True. I think it would be perceived as such though.
The same logic that asks for Pros to be separated could also be applied to TRS, Super Seller etc - manually selected, perception of higher standards of work, value of the badge etc. The difference is that the TRS badge has been around longer than most sellers have and so it is seen as part of the furniture. In time, the Pro badge will be too.
In the mean time, I think people should stop viewing it as the challenge or game-changer that it isn’t.


One thing for sure, Pro is going to get one heck of a push from Fiverr. I’m sure behind the scenes there is a lot we are not aware of but this is how I see it.

Pre-Pro - I think more and more this new Algorithm had a lot to do with the launching or Pro. Would Fiverr say that, no, but thats’ what I think.

Pro Launch - They launch Pro. They obviously had their ducks lined up and and number of hand picked candidates ready to go. I don’t ever remember any hint that Pro was coming prior to its launch.

After Launch - Pro is here and what happens next depends on results. In many ways, Pro is in the testing stage when it comes to results. It feels like Fiverr made a pretty big investment in Pro so if the results are not as expected, I think Fiverr will push harder to make it happen. This means, Regular gigs will take a back seat to Pro. I may be wrong, but all those hand picked gigs plus the dollars spent for the launch, I doubt Fiverr is going to walk away but instead push harder for Pro to dominate the results…

Wait and See - I think this may be the strategy for many but the question is, if you wait too long could it be too late.


There was an application process that was posted on the forum but it gave so little info that many, myself included, didnt check it out much. I think some of the secrecy about it was probably linked to the acquisitions that were made such as as well as signing up people like Jerry and other prestigious sellers. It needed a proper launch, not to be rumored about.

I don’t think they will kick 7 years of building the existing buyer and seller base to the curb to focus on Pro which has a very low number of gigs and sellers involved. I am sure the New Seller Pros are also just testing the water here and if it doesnt yield results for them they are more likely to quit than Fiverr is to give them MORE focus.


This Pro talk is so boring, I only want to talk about GST.


Agree. I don’t see USP of the Pro sellers right now (except perceived value attributed to very high prices). Yet, we don’t know what Fiverr is aiming to accomplish with this Pro thing. May be they will bring professionals who want to work at standard hourly rates, in which case it would make sense to differentiate ‘professionals’ and ‘hobbyists’.


You have had your own thread about GST. :joy:


Your idea that sellers are also in testing stage for results and those results may determine what sellers do intrigues me. Wouldn’t you of loved to of been a fly on the wall at Fiverr’s meetings on Pro?

I did have another thought for one of the reasons for Pro launch but didn’t say in my message above. It had to do with this whole hand picked idea.

I don’t think Fiverr has a liking for certain types of gigs - i.e. I will give you 1000 likes for $5. Dare I say, there are certain types of gis on Fiverr that I don’t think Fiverr will ever allow to be Pro. So maybe Fiverr is trying to ensure only certain types of gigs make it through the Fiverr looking glass. Even if Fiverr Pro prices change, Fiverr will have more control of who will and who won’t be in the game.

Oh…the thing. How does that play out? Any idea? Whiteboarders…you may want to check out

May I ask, what is your strategy? Are you going to apply for Pro or wait and see?


Just my view, please anyone don´t get angry at me. If I were a new buyer and I were looking for a service and I saw that the pro gigs and non-pro gigs are in the same page (not separated), I might think that those who don´t have the PRO badge are not professional (which is not true), so it´s rather unfair to mix pro-gigs and non-pro gigs, coz just because a seller doesn´t have the PRO badge it doesn´t mean they are not professional. BUT, I also might think like this, ˝Damn, these pro gigs are so expensive. Why don´t I check out the regular ones with more friendly prices?˝ (if that´s the case, then it is good for the regulars). I personally think it is better to separate the two categories and not mixing it. Again, it is unfair if people think those who don´t have the PRO badge are not professional just because they don´t have the badge.


Well, some of the well known ones are discounting their prices for Fiverr so expect them to leave it it doesnt reap rewards.

Fiverr definitely won’t offer some services as Pro, the editorial focus thing that is oft mentioned but never fully explained will make sure of that. I think certain Pro gigs will get some traction though and so the focus will need to be on what buyers want rather than on who is selling it or what Fiverr wants to promote.

No idea about veed to be honest, just that Fiverr acquired it and that it hasn’t been spoken about much since so I am not sure.

Personally I havent applied and won’t be unless I come up with something specific which would be suitable. I have thrown around a few ideas in my head but really haven’t looked at it yet as my target market is different. I have rejigged some of my gigs in the manner that I have suggested others do when I have been commenting about this. Mainly refocusing gig descriptions, editing pricing/price points etc but I have been developing these over the past 12-18 months anyway so this is not really down to Pro - although Pro has opened my eyes a little more to the possibilities. The news that someone bought @frank_d’s Pro gig has got me a little more interested in Pro if I am honest though. After a big edit, my main gig may be out of search for a while and if so, I will spend some time looking at a possible Pro application. Overall, I am just glad to see Fiverr doing something big (that doesn’t involve bongs, segways, toilet cubilcles et al).


Yeah man, if there is one thing these Pro gigs have done, they have woken me up. I really want to start making serious money on Fiverr, not remain content with being busy and making okay money. Will have to transform my business completely here. This is exactly the challenge I’ve been waiting for.


That’s exactly what I am talking about. So many of us have moaned about the low level of pricing on Fiverr…
That complaint has now gone the opposite direction but it should really motivate us to look for the happy medium where quality:price ratio is more accurate.
How much more would you enjoy writing a 1000 word piece on a particular subject where you need to research heavily and make your points in a directly effective way! And then get $100+ for it. Looking forward to seeing how it goes for you/me/anyone else who tries it.


My plan is to keep doing the work I do for regular clients at my usual rate, but also start new gigs in business copywriting at higher prices, and shorter delivery time. Will have to work harder, but I look forward to it. I am not going to alienate my old clients. Let’s see how it goes.


Good stuff.

Just to clarify, when I say “wait and see” I’m not saying do nothing. As @eoinfinnegan has pointed out, you have to be moving, take action of some sort even if you don’t join Pro at this time.

I have a feeling I’m in for some down time in the near future. For me, I plan on attacking youtube hoping I find a way to better promote my gigs.

I don’t know if the Pro people are self promoting their gigs at the moment since Fiverr may be doing a lot of the promoting for them but do keep the ideas and conversation flowing. I know it helps me strategize.

Good Luck to all – both Pro and Regulars.