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Select buyers for personalized gigs

Kind of like the “Price Quote” but at the same time the ability to personally select users from inquiries made via the Fiverr inbox for that particular gig. Or at least, some variation or adaptation of price quote. The idea behind this is that while price quote is nice, there are gigs I want to offer to any buyers that I would consider on my “trusted” list such as repeat buyers, as well as attract new customers which price quote doesn’t really allow you to do through Fiverr directly unless someone finds you on another gig. Thoughts? Hope this is clear.

In short a kind of forced “message me before buying” gig where you get to select your buyers you want to allow to order. I think the best way to do this would probably be an adaptation of the price quote into the form of a visible gig. This way buyers can actually find the “price quote” gig but won’t be able to order without messaging the user first just like how it is already. Just a slightly different and more direct exposure instance.

Reply to @kjblynx: I think that over-all it would restrict Fiverr’s profit margin too much, i’m trying to give them an idea for a compromise. Being able to select the buyers over-all to work with would be nice, but in a freelancing platform I can kind of see why they don’t. i just want it for at least one custom gig where both the seller can be happy as well as Fiverr especially since it will lead to naturally higher profit for both parties.