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I’m looking for a animation video creator, but i’d like to contact only italian people because i think the native pronunciation is very important.
I can i sort only person from italy?


Hi Marco,

you can´t sort sellers by country, but you can post a ‘Buyer Request’ and mention that you only want and will consider replies from native Italians.

For this, you go to your dashboard’s top bar and next to the shopping cart pick Buying > Post a Request.

Probably you will get also replies from sellers who don´t meet your criteria and just reply to all requests, but before you accept an offer, you can click the seller’s name to see what country it says on their profile card (this isn´t completely ‘safe’, since some sellers fake their IPs, but if you read their profile and gig descriptions carefully and maybe message the one or few you picked out in Italian, you probably can be reasonably sure to find a native.

Or, of course, you can manually go through the gigs in the relevant category and look at the seller´s profiles/countries, but there is no option to sort for country, you can sort for ‘Seller Language’, Sellers Online’ and for ‘Seller level’, though (left bar on the desktop, once you clicked a category, not sure how that is in the app). Hope that helps.