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Selecting the Popular or less Popular Fiver Category Before publishing Gig

So Hello Experienced Sellers:)

I am a new seller in the Fiverr Kingdom and passionate about selling my gigs. So being a new seller it is like so hard to make to the front page. In this relative situation should I select a less popular category for ranking or the most popular category?

It will be so much helpful for me if you make time to give your outlooks in this Topic❤

you should select the category in which you are expert. you can beat into any category if you are good in that.

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So if I am good at word-press should I select word-press that has more active person or else I should select Web Builder and CMS and post word-press gig there for ranking beside competitive sellers.

you have a choice to create 7 gigs. you can create multiple gigs in different category.