Self-Advertising Buyer Requests & What's Happening so far


How can other people make self-advertising buyer requests but I can’t? I literally seen many of these requests a few weeks ago including this week. When I try to make one it gets declined…

Also this has been my first month here and all I get is views on my gigs, how can I get people to buy my gigs? and don’t suggest to me that I need to do Fiverr Academy because that’s useless information. Also I don’t want to advertise on twitter or facebook, I want to advertise ONLY on Fiverr.


Why would you want to post in Buyer requests?
It is against the rules which could mean you get suspended and it adds to the mess that is Buyer requests for those who want to use it properly. You clearly need to go back to the Academy and also read the ToS so you dont go breaking any other rules.
After that, go through ALL the pinned posts in every category on the Forum.
If you are saying you don’t want to promote yourself off Fiverr then you will not get very far anyway. You just have to hope that some nice, generous buyers come along and decide to give you a chance. You and 100,000 other sellers are hoping the same thing…
Good luck.


The reason other people can self-promote in BR and you can’t is because you are one lucky seller. Those people uselessly get through the filters and get banned sooner or later. It’s useless because only sellers can read BR, so what good does it do you to advertise there? I am both a seller and a buyer, but I’m not going to buy from someone who breaks rules anyway.

If you think the Fiverr Academy and off-site promotions aren’t helpful, you are doing something wrong. Very few sellers show up as a featured seller on Fiverr, but the rest of us are still making money by playing by the book. If you are more of a rogue freelance adventurer, just make your own site and try selling there. If you want to sell here, make a ton of effort and work it until you find something that turns a profit. That’s how 99% of current sellers did it.


@eoinfinnegan Most of everything stated in the Fiverr Academy is common sense and typical in a work environment, which is useless to me because one should already know those things. Thanks anyways.

@fonthaunt Typical, but thanks anyways.


2 primary reasons, you will notice sellers posting gigs on “Buyer’s Request”.

  1. Language Barrier
  2. Confusion of function due to comparison with other marketplace selling platform.

“Buyer’s Request” is often translated or I should say in this case, mis-translated into being deemed as the option to ask the platform to send a “Buyer” his/her way.
On some platforms, that is the way the buyer/seller functionality works, thus the misappropriation.

Hope I was able to explain your conundrum in as few words as possible.



Only morons do that.


@justinkay - Not really typical. The pitch for the Academy and self-promotion might by typical, and if you don’t like those ideas, that’s on you.

The fact that posting your ads in BR is useless and a strongly valid reason to ban you here is not just “typical,” it’s simply to help you avoid the loss of your account. Given your position and attitude, though, it doesn’t seem that you care much. You’ve been given not just the best advice but the ONLY advice that applies to your case.

If you’d like some tips on being sneaky so you can post ads in Buyer Requests, just word your ads as though they are really requests. Something like “I want to find a seller who can provide me with business” when your intention is to ask them to buy from you when they contact you. That might get you in BR if you want it that bad. It won’t sell and you’ll end up in a loop back to where we started and that IS typical. Have at it.


@mariokluser - You may win for shortest way of saying what else had been said. Sorry @djgodknows.


Hi for everyone!

Self-advert in Fiverr … ehh and … not a fair way to work like this and not a fair support. Every 3rd or 4th “buyers request” is a self advert. I asked from the support why … and answer me … " thank you for reporting" but nothing chnaged … I know work for a Big Mac is important for lot’s of people … but this kind of work kill all jobs … kill the costumer trust and kill the chance of the good designer etc… be cheap- be perfect - be fast … 3 thinks but only 2 ar possible … I really do not know why Fiverr let to do this … Or maybe I know … but …

redesign former artworks because these are including costumer URLs or emails … recommended

wait 14 days my money … rule

but give a clean place for work???

need to do something … because now I feel … be a good designer needs only a computer, some software and good internet connecton to find a “like similar” images or stocks on the net…

I registered here just few day before, because I tought this place for anyone who wants to give a good job for the costumers … now i think NOT

I tougtht this place is about the good jobs, not only a good self-marketing. now I think No this is Not…

I will stay, because in my country not enough job, but really need to do something here …

Lots of questions … why the file limit? anyone can do a 200 pages illustrated book design in indesig or quark and give the costumer the reasonable source package only in 150 Mb??? and I can continue … but I’m new here … keep silence and wait my luck…

Thank you for your attention and sorry of my bad grammar.

room101desig - Budapest - Hungary


hi! soon or later? what? and until the time when they banned takes a job from a clear sellers??? you are serious???


Hello! I understand you, but… Ask the sellers keep all of the rules on this site is not enough. The site support and the management also have to do something … They do not give us this plattform for free … 20% from every job … so I think, they have to keep clean this place. Bcause the designer, the programmer, the photographer, the SEO expert can not do anything against this problem.


Why are you worried about sellers losing jobs due to spammers in Buyer Requests? Don’t focus so much attention on what everyone else is doing in Buyer Requests. Spend that time creating great gigs that buyers need.


My initial answer was longer and less political correct.
When I discovered that my answer was already given I wanted to delete it. As this isn’t possible I decided to distill it and the result is what you read above.



You are right! But … create a gig and wait days and days and days and still not indexed on the Fiverr Search Engine… So a chance to anyone will find my gig ?
Why I am worry … because Fiverr talking about correct and clear deals, but with this kind of support… ? …
And I am not worry … I got my first order on my second day here and did it without problem … Just a bad feeling … do you know what i mean? Now because of the not indexed gigs … I do not have to much chance other chances, just the requests … so these are the fact why I do nolt like a “I do for you for one cheesburger and I am the best” self-adverts.

Anyway thank you for your advise… I will work on it.

Best regards

sorry my bad grammar


I would have thought it common sense that a seller should not be offering his services in a section called buyer requests but it clearly isn’t that common which is why I suggested what I did. The forum already has just about every possible piece of advice that you could ever need but you need to look for it.


If you don’t like it then find somewhere else to sell. Try the ones with monthly fees, they are great fun…
According to my stats, the traffic, clicks and orders I have received would have cost approx $20,000 from Google and would probably not have converted as well. Instead of me paying $20,000 I get to give Fiverr 20% of the ORDERS I have received and completed. If that is not worth it for you then good luck, you won’t get a better source of jobs than Fiverr.
Of course it takes time, effort and patience to get there.


No, I do not know what you mean.

It looks like you are expecting Fiverr to do all the work for you. YOU are responsible for your own success. If you’re not earning sales in the Fiverr marketplace, then get out there and promote your gigs elsewhere online.

You have just as much opportunity to be successful as anyone else – you just need to be willing to do a great deal of work to achieve it. Stop complaining, and start working.


@fonthaunt Please give me feedback on my gigs and tell me how to make my gig appear on first page of searching.