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Self-Completion of the orders


So, Recently, I have delivered 8 orders. Out of which only 1 got completed by the buyer. And has the opportunity of getting rated. And I have to wait 3 days to have the orders completed by itself.

Buyers are not even bothering to leave feedback. 1 or 2 out of 8 was digestible. But 7 :eyes: It made me wail.

Is this happening to anybody? Or am I the only 1 with this problem?


contact customer support now


Why should the OP contact support? Buyers choosing not to leave a review is NOT a support matter.

Your customers could be busy, on vacation, or otherwise choose not to leave a review. If it’s a big deal to you, drop them a friendly reminder asking if there is everything is OK. There’s absolutely no need to contact support, though, so please ignore the previous advice.


It just happens. Also the buyer quality is lower than it already was. For moments I wonder if the PDP thing has attracted a swarm of buyers with not ethics. Even on TYT Fiverr was described as “the website where people do anything for $5,-”.


Thank you for your benevolent advice @mrproofreading