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Self Discovery

Joining Fiverr has been life changing and eye opening in several ways for me. Possibly the best surprise from Fiverr has been how my buyers have helped me discover talents I had never explored or even thought about.
I am a career radio personality and I always knew that I was good at creating radio commercials. While other people at the station would take forever to create a commercial I could write, voice and produce a commercial in much less time and get a happier client. That’s how I started on Fiverr, commercial voiceovers and creating ads. That is still a large part of what I do here but my buyers started requesting services that I didn’t expect such as audio books.
Now I’m reading books and getting paid for it and, at least according to my buyers, doing a pretty good job. With so many buyers on Fiverr looking at your videos you will receive some really great insight about yourself if you just pay attention.
What have you learned about yourself since joining Fiverr?

Apparently I’m really arrogant and rude.

I don’t listen to those people though. I’m better than them.


I’ve always been very self aware of what my strengths are so I haven’t learned anything about myself I didn’t know before.

Originally, I learned about my self a lot of confidence. I started my work as a hobby, and even though I got decently good at it. I my own harsh critic, I never feel like my work is good enough. I learned that my work is pretty good, and enough to become a full time freelancer, and even perusing this into my own business. Only working on a daily basis with this, did I learn to trust my self and let my creative side flourish and turned a hobby into a living. Never thought something I actually enjoy doing as opposed to having to do would pay my bills.