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Self Promotion... I might be doing it wrong

Hey Fiverr!

I’ve been looking around the forums and I see that many newbie sellers have no trouble getting their first sale; some get it within just a few days! However, I have been on for nearly a month with no sales and not many views. (Just over 100.) I’ve exhausted myself trying Twitter (not spamming), applied to a few buyer requests, and I’ve made 1 Facebook post as well. So I ask, what’s the best way to promote yourself? To me, I thought my gig page looked professional. I’m afraid to ask what you think because that may seem like even more self-promotion, so I’ll ask for advice instead. How did you make your first sale?

I’d appreciate any responses. Thank you!


Perhaps the gig you aren’t offering isn’t something a lot of buyers are looking for here on Fiverr. Perhaps try and offer more gigs (of course, making sure those are stuff you can do excellently) and maybe you’ll get your first sales from there!

Try to send buyer requests regular because maximum seller receive first sale from requests.