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Self Promotion Spam/Hijacking/Ignorance [The Fiverr Forums Dilemma]

So I have been a member of many forums though out my life, yet it still never ceases to amaze me at all the blatant disregard and arrogance of some individuals. I have been a Member of Fiverr for roughly a year and decided it was time to visit the forums here. I was amazed to see how much the “Sheriff” has to remove on others topics. It seems many just completely ignore the rules and post their links where ever they can.

Not only in the forums has this became an issue. It seems anyone selling a product within my niche must message me with a self promotion message to my inbox as well. Most of the time in broken English and with little disregard to my philosophy. I understand self promoting, but maybe read someones “About Me” section before offering me 100k Fake Followers or YouTube Views/Likes, I prefer my legitimacy.

I understand this is business, advertising is the best way to gain sales. But I believe when you are disregard and/or just blatantly show no respect for Fiverr rules you are not going to gain sales, instead you will become black listed by those who do tend to take the rules seriously. I understand it will happen and I cannot change that, but at least I can post this in hopes a few will read this and be enlightened on the subject.

Thanks for reading and please leave some comments and your opinions on the matter.

Reply to @regency85: I made molecules once, does that count? The order was for furry balls in different colors/sizes representing carbon, oxygen & hydrogen atoms (if I remember correctly) which had strong magnets sewn on so the balls could be configured into a molecule!

Reply to @celticmoon: Actually she posted it THREE times… so that poor Sheriff had a lot of moving to do… if it wasn’t a triple post ON PURPOSE.

Yeah, her post was bottom-of-the-barrel stuff, only a total newbie, never-used-YouTube, wouldn’t know already.

So yeah… she’s on the Blacklist: “Never to be purchased from.”


Agreed! Yes, it’s damn annoying when I see some MORON, posting his/her Buy-My-Gig! Buy-My-Gig! stupidity, all over this Forum.

And if YOU are such a Dumb Seller - take note:

I IMMEDIATELY BLACKLIST the profile of ANY person who spams the Forum.

I am a BIG BUYER… and I will NEVER purchase ANY gig from you!!!

So go ahead, moron… post your blatant self-promotion here… and Shoot Yourself In Your Face, by doing so!


Glad to see someone with the same opinion on the subject. I mean I self promote too, but not on every forum post. I generally make all of my posts about my gigs on Google+ or Twitter. Social media is one of the best ways to gain business, not the seller /buyer forums. I am sure it will never stop, even if your ban them, they will just create a new one and do it again. Persistent little buggers.

Good points regency85!

I agree but banning someone will not fix the issue. I mean maybe before actually going to the forums there is a Pop-Up stating the simple rules. I mean I know this will be considered annoying but it may help. I also think maybe having a “captcha” before posting may help unnecessary spam for botted scripts, I have not noticed this happening but it would not hurt.

But back to the banning. Banning someone will just force them to create another account. Most of the accounts doing the spam are newer accounts. So this may be something that has to be dealt with, but is accepted as just a nuisance as its impossible to completely remove.

Awesome opinion on the matter though kjblynx!

Reply to @kjblynx: Well I was not aware they were not notified after being “corrected”. So there is an issue at hand. Maybe Fiverr can have a few people start regulating the forums a little more. I mean I am a newbie to this forum, but I used to run my own website/forum and I have been a member of many for years. I think banning a member from Fiverr over forum spam may be a little much but not restricting them from the forums or banning them from posting/commenting after too many violations. Many forums have things in place where you cannot post links in areas where they are not allowed and you have to be so active to post in certain areas. Maybe they could implement something of this nature.

I would love to assist in working in this area. This is something I tend to enjoy.

Reply to @kjblynx: Well I have noticed the Sheriffs, but like you said even they can only do so much. I am not at all unsatisfied with the forums or the moderators though, I was just mentioning that I had noticed a lot of spam on Sheriffs notes on peoples comments. I do not want anyone thinking I am looking down on anyone. Maybe they could promote a few Fiverr Users/Sheriffs to maybe paid staff for monitoring the forums? Not an extreme salary but more of a side job pay. just thoughts.

Along the same lines, I’ve also noticed that some sellers write posts that, on the surface, are “tips” or “advice”, but in reality are just thin rehashings of older, established posts. Or are articles (or sections of articles) copied from elsewhere. Or are thinly disguised self-promotion.

Sort of like this: (fyi, I sell little stuffed animals)


Here’s a tip to make GREAT SALES that I bet you haven’t tried yet! Little stuffed animals! Everyone needs little stuffed animals, but did you know that you can optimize your gigs with them? Properly placed, little stuffed animals can drive massive traffic to your gig and increase sales. The newest issue of National Buy & Sell magazine features an article titled “little stuffed animals”, so that’s the upcoming trend. You want to jump on that right now! And before you know it, you’ll be a Top Rated Seller, thanking your lucky stars for little stuffed animals!

Thanks for reading this! And by the way, be sure to check out my gig: my little stuffed animals dot com.

~X( L-) [-X :-?? :-? >:P :-w

Reply to @celticmoon: I have not been blessed enough to witness this one yet. I am sure they have come up with many different tactics. I am sure it will never stop.

Well, I noticed recently that people who were really quite new on Fiverr, only here a month or two, were writing “tips” posts. And I remember thinking, really? You’ve figured out the ins & outs of Fiverr already? I must be dumb as dirt, because I can’t say I felt so confidant that I could start teaching others the Way of Fiverr in only 30 days. So I started actually reading these posts.

Now, many of them are obviously written by people who do understand marketing, or the online economy, whatever. But that’s when I realized that some of them were just thinly disguised self-promotion. If they were good posts with practical, well-written information that really helped people, I would say, who cares? But usually they’re not. They’re more like my little farcical paragraph about “little stuffed animals”…basically reasons you should buy my stuff.


Reply to @celticmoon: They were “wolves in sheeps clothing” posts. They were appearing to be something although that post or topic was not their primary focus. Hinting or promoting themselves was. I am curious to search for these posts now.

Reply to @celticmoon: =))

Celtic comes up with yet another LEGENDARY post.

And note the “keyword stuffing” in her parody.

Not-so-hidden Keyword Stuffing PLUS not-so-hidden Self Promotion???

Hmmm… I think I’m going to have to create my first Gig, just so I can spam the Forum with this kinda post…

:wink: :open_mouth: :wink:

Reply to @ytretweets: Oh, that’s PERFECT: wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing posts. That’s it exactly. If I see one soon, I’ll try to remember to grab the link & post it on this thread.

Reply to @celticmoon: awesome, I see some which are close but nothing to the extreme you are explaining lol.

So, here’s an example of what I wrote about above, sort of. This one doesn’t come out and say she sells YT likes, or hey, come check out her wares, but of course with a nickname with ‘megatraffic’ in it…well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. And the post itself is fairly useless and is merely a short list of facts she probably Googled, with no discussion whatsoever.


Oh, yes, and maybe it was a glitch, but she posted exactly the same thing twice. (maybe one was in another forum & got moved by a sheriff for being in the wrong place)

I have made this for the Electrons, and because it sounded entertaining and funny.


Reply to @ytretweets: =))

Ok, somebody is REALLY TALENTED here!

=D> =D>

I love especially, the “Electonic Font”. :smiley:

Self-Promotion is NOT allowed, here on the Forum…

…but as a Buyer, I am allowed to say that my fellow buyers can access this level of Talent here:


Reply to @regency85: It’s so sad to think of all the electrons harmed by such useless posts on the forums~


Reply to @celticmoon: You’re such a kind soul… the electrons thank you.

Maybe you could add an Electron Podling gig, in their honour?

[hand over chest]