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Self Promotion Violation


hi !
-I send promotional messages to sellers on fiverr, you have sent me a message to stop it
so i understood is i stop sending the message, today you have send a second message of violation, but i never send messages after your first warning

-The problem is that I will not get my level 1 this month

solution ???


They could still be reviewing your account. This sounds like something you did more than once. This is notice that they are warning you for another instance. It may very well be from before the first warning.


Fiverr support sometimes doesn’t make any sense to me, from what I’ve heard. Hamzael already understood and recovered from the mistakes he made because of Fiverr’s intervention, but then they punish him more severely after learning from his mistakes?

Hamzael, I’d recommend you contact support and ask them politely to remove that second warning, if possible, and if you haven’t already. This forum is mostly for communicating with other sellers and buyers. I don’t know if Fiverr employees ever surf the forum.