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Self Promotion


There is a My Fiverr Gigs section so why cant we have a single discussion on any other section without people feeling the need to quite blatantly spam their gigs…


Some people don’t realise that it’s spamming. I’ve recently been involved in a discussion about this somewhere else and people put their hands up, apologised and stated that they didn’t realise it was spamming - but they stopped as soon as they apologised.

Is there something in the forum that offers tips on how to promote through the forum? I haven’t looked back (and honestly, don’t really have the time to do a quick search because of work - I’m procrastinating as it is). If there’s not something, that could help people realise what spamming is and how to promote their gigs…

For those who don’t know, please don’t post your link into a discussion if it has no relevance at all. And if the gig does have relevance to the conversation (maybe someone is looking for a specific type of gig or for advice) then give some information about your gig and why you think it is relevant instead of just a link.


I just edited my original thread post to include asking people not to self-promote in it, in all caps. I’ve stated it like four times before.

Reply to @aingham69: I agree sometimes people don’t realize that’s what they are doing. I didn’t know at first but if people would read the thread, for example in mine, I had asked already not to self-promote in the comments. People are just adding their links without even reading the discussions.

Fiverr should add a way for the author or the discussion can delete comments that are unrelated or something, but then that leads to bias forum discussions. Oh well.


Thanks for the constructive comments.

I agree some people may do in error but others who just post their gig link without even attempting to contribute to a discussion should be dealt with firmly as they know exactly what they are doing.

@newopp - I really like the idea of the discussion author being given moderator rights to their discussion :slight_smile:


I definitely agree. I want to call people out and tell them to promote their gigs in the appropriate spots, but then again I don’t want to feel like the Forum police. I wish people would just abide by the common courtesy and realize that a lot of us actually do want to interact and collaborate with each other.


Hey there, if there is spam you can report it one of the Sheriff team either myself or one of the other Sheriff’s about the forum. Just click Contact Me on any of the Sheriff’s posts.