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Sell fiverr gig?

Hello, I am a new seller on Fiver .I have published one gig but my gig no sell. what do right now?

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Get an idea about how it’s work @sabbirahmed232

ok. give some idea @qbo_xero_pro

there are hundreds of post regarding fiverr sale, read yourself, remember short cut will not help you in the long run @sabbirahmed232


The first thing you need to do is research how things work. There are many posts on this already.

In business, you have to take initiative to build your skills, not ask others to bring the information to you. It’s your responsibility.


Have patience. There are multiple posts about this criteria. Try to research on them and find out your suitable solution. Nobody can bring you success, you have to make it on your own. Good luck.


thanks everyone…:slightly_smiling_face: