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Sell Legal Services

I am a licensed attorney. How do I best sell LEGAL services on fiverr. Things like estate planning, legal advice for landlords, and divorce legal coaching session. Thank you for your tips.

I’d start by searching the word “legal” - I did, and there are a number of listings from lawyers. That might give you a start on how to craft your gig.

I’m surprised that a licensed attorney would need to use fiverr to drum up business. Too be honest with you, I wouldn’t trust $5 legal advice. That’s not to say you’re bad at what you do, but most attorneys get paid much more offline.

This is an international website so laws are not the same the world over or even the same for each USA state. How do you plan to give legal advice to people in a hundred countries?

In America you need to be a member of the bar of a state to give legal advise so are you registered in every state?

I see you write wills and trusts. For what country? Or for what state?
Do you know that the laws are not the same for every state?

It is good,if it is a advice service from you.