Sell more on Fiverr


Today I will share some important tips on how I make my gig batter and get more sell one Fiverr.

Know your skills. Be well informed about your skill, and it will make it easier for you to pick a category appropriate for your services. For example, if you are good at creating motion graphics using Adobe After Effects, then you can create a gig offering a good intro video presentation to your clients. If you are good at SEO and you have the ability to rank any keyword in the Google search engine, then offer your gig services in the SEO category. If you are good at writing web content or articles, then offer something more affordable, like providing two articles with 500-word counts for $5. You will begin to discover your potential to serve more clients in Fiverr.

Add video. You can add video to your specific gig page to explain how your service works.

Improve the keywords on your gig. To make your gig stand out and to get more exposure to your gig service, you should improve your keywords. To do this, copy the keywords of the same gig service you offer, from a top seller. Put your keywords in the description and avoid over-stuffing.

I’ve followed those rules and make my gig batter.

Kawsar Ahmed Adi


Good one! Thanks for those tips


great it will hemp a lot of thiniking


I’d say that for videos, it depends on the specific gig. I’ve never added a video because I know that with my current skill level at video editing (none), what I could do is definitely worse than just not having one.