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Sell or buy Fiverr user account ?!

I have no idea about being legal or not, and I think that Fiverr site do not courage its users to sell or buy others’ created accounts. Anyway here is what happened ; Couple days ago I was asked by a newcomer user if I would selling my account, I said I’ll think about it if I needed to. A day after I asked that user to give me some details, the user offered a certain price range according to my achievements to buy it, I said that I supposed to be leaving the site permanently right? and if i later decided to come back so create a new account … the user doubled the offered price although I didn’t start negotiating :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Have anyone here been offered to sell his/her account ? or even engaged in such a deal ?!

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Totally against ToS - was the discussion via Fiverr messaging?

You can read more here:

It’s like nobody reads the TOS! Why, I simply don’t know. It’s not like the TOS says:

Selling Accounts - You may not buy or sell Fiverr accounts.

It’s a complete mystery to me, a complete bloody mystery. [quote=“hussienfahmy, post:1, topic:118390”]
I have no idea about being legal or not, and I think that Fiverr site do not courage its users to sell or buy others’ created accounts.

Read the TOS. It’s not rocket science.


This x 100! :slight_smile:


I think that too, I’ve read all the guidelines in my beginnings before joining the site, i may did not notice that.

Oh YES in my inbox lol :joy:

For your own sake, I’d report the user who messaged you - they’re breaking the ToS.


Okay emmaki I will read it all over again I’m not an evil guy to think about it :slight_smile: … even I can’t get my head around such a thing trying to get used of it . I mean my customers’ reviews are there and can’t be erased , my customers have mentioned my name there lol :smiley: :innocent:

May a moderator or a high level member here suggest me to change the title of the topic if it’s better.

Here I am the bad evil Burning in hell :bomb::fire::hotsprings::wave:

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Before you feel the wrath of hell :fire: :hotsprings: I assume you’ve already reported this user to Customer Support?


Hello, you don’t need to change the title of the topic. You have an honest legitimate question.


I even did a small search in the forum and found nothing so I felt it is rarely occurring, until the members posted some relevant links of previous topics … I hope this behavior vanishes soon as long as it is forbidden.

Sure I will.


oh I reported the user to be reviewed by Fiverr … then felt relieved to not get myself burned today and went to have a cold shower instead :sweat_drops::sunglasses:

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Whew now it’s time for you to kick back & enjoy the weekend. :relaxed: :shaved_ice:

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Thanks :slight_smile: I pity on CS team to deal with such behavior I just hope that not becoming viral !

Not only it is forbidden, it is a scam in 99,99% of the cases. So - no es bueno amigo.

There are people who try it in off-Fiverr exchanges and they still get caught since there is a trail all the way. Trying it in the Fiverr inbox is a sure way to get both accounts closed. If you ever get a message about something like that again, I suggest you respond with the shortest possible answer (for your response rate) and don’t speak with that person again. Click report and send in a ticket. Just by you replying and discussing it as a possibility, your account could still be banned.


Can you make a special spell to prevent me of receiving such scam inbox messages :star2::heart_eyes:

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