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Hi everyone, Today I am seeing the sell subscription feature in my gig. I have heard this before but not clear about how it works and how it will help the sellers. Looking forward to getting the right answer. Thanks, everyone

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Same here! I added subscription feature too. I’m wondering how will works with buyers.

How they will support my gig?

I don’t now about. As sellers we have to pay fiverr for promotion?

Customers can now subscribe to your gig for 3 or 6 months ( and they are able to pay for an amount of orders per month) and in return, you can apply discount to make the subscription more attractive ( between 5 and 20%) Now, when a customer ask for a good offer and drop your price because “it’s a long term project”, you can tell him : OK, subscribe to my gig and you’ll get a discount of x %


Yes I’ve done that to my gigs

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how did you do that?

But we have to see how attractive the discount will be for buyers

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obviously :hugs: :hugs:

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kindly follow this post Subscription Program Launch

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