Sell USA facebook account with 5000 ACtive friends


You Need a USA or other countries facebook profile with USA friends?You are in right place.
About my service.

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I’m pretty sure that your service breaks both Facebook’s and Fiverr’s ToS.


Ummm…okay? Is that something in demand? Catfishing, anyone?


hey frank_d,
I know about fiverr and facebookTOS


I hate to be that guy but you have no idea how many thirsty dudes are out there.


Thanks for your comment… SOMAGINER1996


what do you mean,? ssj1236


Oh, I do know (judging from the sheer amount of them who think Fiverr messaging is a dating app)…
Also, you’d have to be pretty desperately thirsty to click on the shady links in beautifully composed messages such as “hey bb click here 4 vid chat” :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh so you have no problem witht having your account removed and your offering taken down then?