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Selle open dispute on me


Hey guys, seller just open a dispute on me saying, i cannot complete work due to personal reasons.

A little context:
I have been chatting with them all week, yesterday i received message that all is cool and will be able to deliver on time. no worries and all crap. Today i got dispute message.

I am two weeks into the project, i dont think is fair to start over somewhere else since i have already a launching date preparaed for my business.

What happens if i dont accept the dispute? Will Fiverr intervene and somehow assist? a transfer method internally to another Seller?

Looking forward to your comments,



I’m sure it depends on their personal reasons - they could have had a family emergency etc.

No seller wants to cancel a project, but life does get in the way sometimes.

If your seller cancels, you’ll get a refund and will be free to choose another seller - there’s little point in forcing a seller to work with you after they’ve asked for a cancellation.

Good luck!


If the seller cannot complete the project then I would just agree and find another seller. I had a situation once where I had two orders due and I got food poisoning and I could not meet the deadline and had to cancel. I felt terrible having to cancel but I also did not want to hold up the client either. Sometimes, unavoidable things happen. I’m sure the seller has a good reason if they asked you to cancel.


Fiverr can’t force the seller to finish the work. Sellers are independent freelancers, not Fiverr employees, so Fiverr can’t just give the task to another seller, either.

If you don’t accept the dispute, the seller will probably initiate a new one, asking to cancel again. If you keep refusing, seller might ask Customer Support for assistance, and they will force cancel the order. Force cancellation will affect the seller negatively, and that will make neither you nor the seller happy.

If your seller can’t complete the task, it’s best to accept the cancellation, get your funds back, and find someone who can.


It is a pain, but this happens in the offline world too. People get sick, have family issues or tech problems. I’m afraid you just have to accept, find someone else and move on.