Selled my first gig!


Hi everybody, good news. I finally selled my first translation gig. But now, nobody’s checking my profile and impressions, views and clicks are going down. What should i do?


It’s ‘sold’, not ‘selled’. And it should be ‘I’, not ‘i’.

Checking your profile and gig descriptions for errors and fixing them might help you get more sales. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t worry about analytics in the moment, unless you made a change to your gig. Wait a week then look to see if anything changed.

I’ve found the first good review often helps get you started! Good luck


There is a mistake in your translation gig where you say 400 words instead of 4000 words and the days are wrong also. Check everything carefully as a buyer will be put off by mistakes. Attention to detail is very important!
Also … congratulations on your first sale! :slightly_smiling_face: