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Seller abusing cancel

I have an issue where the seller advertised a certain level of work, the items created look like, well allot less than advertised, Ive asked to be cancelled 3 times, each time they reject the cancelation and submit another not as advertised logo…

How do I get support to stop this abuse of canceling the cancel…


Contact support directly and tell them the work advertised on the gig does not match your delivered order. Then tell them you would like to cancel in order to find a new seller who can deliver what is promised.


I must be blind, I cant seem to find a driect link, could you help…


Here’s a link. You go over to the “buyers” section, and you can find everything you need there.


I’m sorry this happened to you.

Reporting it will create a record of the seller’s scamming and when Fiverr takes action against the seller this will help prevent him from scamming others. This helps make Fiverr a better place, so thank you!

I am sure Fiverr customer service will refund you. They’re pretty good about combating deception.


Check this out:

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I’m wondering if the old rule that a buyer can’t cancel after receiving a delivered order due to not liking what he got is still in effect.

Not particularly in this case, but in any case?

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If they are trying to cancel through Fiverr itself, no, they cannot cancel if they just didn’t like what they received. They can ask for revisions I suppose, but, cancelling because they just didn’t like it is not OK.

Now, if they go to PayPal or their bank and reverse the charge, sure, they can cancel without any legitimate reason. That has happened to me. But, those people have also lost their Fiverr accounts. I am sure though, they have found a way to create a new one with a new card, email or phone #.


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The issue for me was the work they advertised they could do and what I was receiving were no where close to the same. I gave three examples of what I was looking Iooking for and the text required to be in it, and I was getting totally different things. What I was receiving was no where close and I mean no where close to advertised work…