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Hi everyone,
I am new to fiverr and want to be a part of all the success stories I have read about people here.
I want to start out on the Academy section of fiverr but I don’t see it on the android app. Does it mean I don’t have the right version of the app?
Can someone lead me right to get the Academy section on mobile please.



Me too

I have been able to figure it out. Just go to Fiverr Blog… Then it will show in the drop down menu option – You may visit the academy through this link.

I like how the self-proclaimed solution to this problem is not to click on your link, but to visit the blog, find the drop-down menu (etc).

Look at the dates on the messages here.

Goddammit. Can I at least get a chronological comment order!?!?!

It’s pushed me beyond my limits too.