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Seller accept job, day 10 of 14 write me saying they dont understand and want to cancel

A newish seller discussed my specs with me and accepted a job with 14 days to complete. There is chat log and pdf requirements available for him.

On day 10 of the order, the seller write me and send me a copy of the original materials to be worked on and asked me to check it. Nothing had changed. It seemed he had misunderstood something about the request.

So then as I re-explained and shared with him the parts of our prior discussion in which I had stated what was needed, he either did not understand, or resisted understanding. At some point, a cancel request came which I denied.

He then accused me of something different, which was that I had misrepresented the issue saying it was a bug fix rather than new functionality. This is not true, as one part of the task was a bug fix, and the other was copying some functionality from one place to another - which had been specified.

I explained to him that I am happy to assist, but that he did not understand and reach out to me until so far into the timeline - is not something I could accept.

Any suggestions? He said he is going to work on it some more in upcoming days. But I am concerned.


I have to be honest and say that if you hold this customer (or non-customer) they will do nothing but cause you as much pain as they can seeing they don’t want to be there. This is probably pain you don’t want to bring on yourself.

You can try talking with CS to see if they will cancel this job for you with no foul to you seeing there is likely no positive end here and if you did nothing wrong (I can’t see pdf) then you should not have to suffer the cancelation (or grief from holding someone against their will - even tho they started this)


I am the buyer, and am very upset the seller did not contact me earlier to verify and also stated they understood specifications when there was misunderstanding. Am not happy they waste 10 days of mine patiently waiting for results

Oops sorry, pre-coffee reading was not quite correct.

Still, same same. If the Seller expressed a concern (or disinterest) in completing this job then move on as their heart is not in it. They are not bringing their A-Game for some reason. Maybe they overstated their ability, maybe they did misunderstand your needs (for their fault or yours, or just pain lack of coffee), maybe they argued with their wife and are having a hard time of it… The options here are endless and not actually important for you. What is important is that you have a job and you want someone positively invested in that solution. This person does not seem to be.

See if they are willing to resend that cancellation request?

Be kind as all you want here is a solution, firstly to this relationship and secondly to whatever your job is. If you are a great buyer, there will be a great seller out there waiting for you.


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Well, both sides of the story are here to review.

As a Seller, I would just go with the cancellation.

You don’t want to upset the Buyer any further regardless of who did what.

By taking this graciously, the Buyer may even come back to you at a later point and give you a job based on how professionally you handled this misunderstanding.

To drag it out to protect your rating and response rate is silly.

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