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Seller Accepts Order then says he can't do it .. and ignores all conversations

I have had multiple challenges that Sellers after fully “understanding” the needs and me transferring money to Fiverr they then say they are not able to do the required work and then they stop communication. There should be a method that if an order is sent into dispute within less than 2 hours of starting the buyer should be able to get his money back so that he can continue to hire somone else ASAP! Also there should be a method to allow buyers to place a comment on the sellers profile.



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The order does cancel after a while; unfortunately, you’ll just have to remain patient for the 48 hours that the sellers get to decide. Two hours seems convenient for buyers, but if you consider it from a seller’s point of view then it’s a tiny window, especially considering the fact that some sellers are only on Fiverr part-time

Also, if buyers who got their orders cancelled could place orders on a seller’s profile, it would open up sellers to a lot of abuse by bad buyers (e.g. those who cancel immediately after receiving the work.)

Generally I would advise that if you’re having this issue a lot, maybe more pre-sale communication would be more beneficial? I know some people don’t like it, but personally I really appreciate being able to communicate with clients so I know that I can meet their needs. Obviously, I don’t know your specific needs, but that’s just a general pointer :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your thoughts. There was amble communication between the seller and myself. Within 20 mins of him getting access to the sources he wrote me saying he is not able to do the work and immediately I requested that he cancel the order however he ignored my request and all subsequent communiccations.!

Also perhaps a solution would be to allow funds from a disputed order to be fully refunded to the buyer so that If buyer continues to purchase from a second seller and again transfers funds he isn’t stuck with funds in fiverr that he might not use for a long period of time



Hmm, sounds like a bad situation. You’d expect a seller who can’t do the job to actually cancel. Perhaps if you got in communication with customer support they’d be able to cancel it sooner? I’ve never personally been in touch with them, but judging from forum responses their response time can vary pretty wildly.

Yeah, it does kind of suck that you can’t get your funds out. I don’t foresee Fiverr changing that anytime soon though…:confused:


It is sad that you have to suffer this.

In my opinion when he clearly mentioned that he can’t get it done the simplest solution was to ask Customer support.

Despite being termed as harsh people here on forum, I have found them very friendly and when they check your chat, I am sure they are going to cancel it for you.

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Luckily the Seller this morning has responded and its been mutually cancelled… Thanks for your inputs

Good to know.

In future if any such situation arises, always ask the customer support.
They have resolved it for me and I am sure they will do the same for you.