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Seller account disabled after ID verification (HELP)

My account got disabled after providing HIGH QUALITY, GOOD LIGHTING, READABLE Government ID and Selfie. After 3 attempts of providing correctly what fiverr needs for verification, my account got disable after 3 times. And i received email from fiverr saying that “We weren’t able to verify your identity due to the quality of your photo. Please take another photo of your official ID, and make sure it’s from our list of supported documents.” even though i provide HQ photo of my ID.

Now i report it, its been more that a week and support agents cant resolve my problem, they just change support agents and cant even resolve the problem i had. They cant even answer how long should i wait just to verify my ID.


Please anyone, help me :pensive:
Support agents doesnt respond or send me update anymore.

Have you solved your problem?

yes, after more than a month of messaging and waiting

I have failed three times and I got temporarily disabled account. How you have uploaded ID and photo? Can you please suggest me about approaching?

Just report it in fiverr support for help

Thank you so much for your kind information.