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Seller account not longer available, why?

Last week I bought a service on Fiverr. The seller looked legit, had a lot of ratings, real photos etc etc. I explained my requirements, paid and didn’t think too much about it (didn’t notice anything suspicious when talking to him). 5 days before the deadline, I go on fiverr and it says that “The user account you are looking for is no longer available.” However, my order is still available and I can access it and talk to the seller on the order page. I message him and he is responding to me very quickly saying that he will have my order ready by the deadline. Should I be worried? Why would his account disappear all of a sudden?

hmm I haven’t seen or experienced such…

I can see this as part of the maintenance error or he has issues on fiver.
if the information or order, He is currently doing has nothing you are scarred to be taken then you can relax because He can’t tamper with your funds and the job has to be accepted by you as completed before 3 days.

Nevertheless its my own view and opinion

Account could be under investigation, if the seller broke some rules, or if it looks like he broke some rules. When an account is restricted, sellers are still allowed to complete the orders that were previously placed, as well as to respond to messages on the order page.

Or it could be a bug.


Hi @kohralle,

You’re seller must have got his account restricted by Fiverr, but allowed to continue working on the orders in progress till delivery.

Please wait to see if your seller delivers on time.

I’m not sure if you can ask a seller, whose account has been restricted, to cancel the order through the Resolution Center. So, if he fails to deliver on time, please contact CS and kindly request them to cancel the order and refund you.

Here’s the link in case you need to place a ticket Fiverr Customer Support