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Seller Achievements: Milestones!

Good afternoon everyone! (Well, at least here it is haha)

I wanted to take some time to highlight seller achievements this week and would love to hear positive experiences and milestones from y’all. I know there’s been a lot of negative talk about gig views/orders/revenue (including me) and it would be a nice breath of fresh air to hear good stories from everyone :slight_smile:

This week I surpassed 500 completed orders and I just broke 400 positive reviews and working hard to reach 500!

It’s funny because I set myself targets all the time but when I reach them I am never satisfied. I’m the type to never be satisfied and I’m always trying to improve my work.

If I had to choose a milestone, I would say it was my level 2 badge which was a while ago but that gave me a sense of achievement.

Top seller is my next hurdle!

I feel you 100% on that. I’ve become a workaholic recently because once I hit something, it’s just never good enough. I’m always like “yeah, but I can do better.”

It’s a great mindset to have, but I also feel like we don’t pause enough to recognize what we have achieved!

TRS is DEFINITELY top of my list right now as well :slight_smile: