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Seller Admits He Was Not A Good Fit For The Job

Has this ever happened you? Has a seller admitted he or she was not fit for a job after accepting it and delivery a very bad product?

A few weeks ago I accepted an offer for a short story from a seller (writer). He seemed to be friendly and good at communication at least I thought he was. He said he could complete my order.

However, the quality of the actual order was bad. He did not followed the requirements. It was shockingly bad. Let’s say for example, “Jacky stabbed Johnny with a knife. Johnny barely dodged the knife”. That sequence does not make any sense.

The writer admitted he was not fit for the job after I requested a revision with a long list of serious problems that were similar to my example. I have never encountered any seller, who admitted they were not fit for a job after taking it. I am a seller and buyer. I directly tell people if I cannot complete a particular job. Most people are very understanding and thankful when you are transparent. It is disrespectful to take a person’s money, waste their time, and slap them in the face with “I wasn’t actually fit for the job anyways”.

My rant is over. Have a good weekend everyone.


No, I haven’t had any sellers admit that they couldn’t do a job (have received plenty of bad work, though), but I have had several new sellers delete their accounts in the middle of my order. I am guessing that they found out that they could not deliver what was promised. Or maybe I am just a horrible person to work with? :smiling_imp: :wink:

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My goodness, yikes, and whaaaat? Seriously? Wow. I’m sorry you had to deal with that.
I’ve told potential buyers that I’m not suited, usually before the order is placed. The one time I had to cancel after an order was placed was due to the request being unclear and the required ‘details’ being against the ToS. That one I took to CS.

Seems more likely to me that they were banned mid-order. But I suppose running away is a possibility.


That is certainly a possibility. The thing that makes me think that they deleted their account was that my orders were quite large projects, their communication was non-existent, and that they weren’t offering anything that was against the ToS.

Their accounts were completely new as well, so they did not have any orders beside mine, and, therefore, they did not have a lot of time to accumulate warnings.

Nice to hear your experience. I am a new seller in this field and by reading your sharing learn a lesson that I never offer any buyer request without understanding my ability.

Well being a seller, I haven’t accepted any job which I can’t complete! You’re also a seller and you know a larger number of sellers working here & orders are getting completed, but a single digit parentage of sellers just focus on getting orders, no matter if they can complete a job or not. So, in your case, you mate one of them, who just promised you but haven’t done what you want.

Nah, I decline or cancel jobs I’m not sure I can do well. “Let me just try to do this and see what happens” is not a good strategy long-term. It may work once or twice but eventually you’ll get a buyer who notices you weren’t your best and you’ll lose your time and money.

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I have told a buyer that I am not fit for a job after the order was placed… Reason for that is that they change the requirements after the order has been placed.

I can’t stand dishonesty. Ugh.

If someone is charging a super low price, though, that’s bound to happen.

You get what you pay for.

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