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Seller advertises "I will 10000 Real Google Search Engine Visitors To Website Full Seo TRAFFIC"

Hello I just encountered an fragglesrock a seller from canada and states they can send 10000 traffic to websites. In their ordering page they state “We Can’t GUARANTEE ANY SALES OR ACTIVITY ON YOUR WEBS!TE”. Does this mean they accept orders for e-commerce sites or am I reading it wrong?

I contacted them prior to ordering and they state they do not perform servcies for e-commerce sites yet in their feedback I found numerous recent customers who have e-commerce sites.

Whats up with this? Is this allowed on fiverr or what?

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I think all of the traffic gigs here have the disclaimer that they cannot guarantee any leads or business on the site - that means they’re just going to deliver visits to your site, none of which you should expect to turn into actual customers. This particular seller may have chosen not to deliver traffic to ecommerce sites at all though, I suppose that’s their decision! You could try looking for an alternative seller or research a bit more on what exactly these gigs are providing.

I do understand that noone can guarantee any leads or business on a website. i do understand that they merely deliver visits. I read there specific disclaimer which states “we can’t guarantee any sales or activity on your website”. E-commerce websites are sites that do “sales” so when a seller states they can’t guarantee sales this means they serrvcie sites that sell, correct? One would assume this since it is clearly stated. I contacted them and they then stated they do not accommodate sites who do sales. This is contradictory to what they have advertised. I think you didn’t read the full post, I found numerous recent customers who do have e-commerce websites that they serviced. If those customers do offer items for sales isn’t that an e-commerce site? I really don’t understand how a seller can offer a service to those who sell items on their site yet claim to not service e-commerce sites. Very contradictory. Needless to say, I will not be using this fiverr seller and will move on to hose who disclose fully what and more importantly who they service. I dont think this seller was from Canada either because they typed in broken English and claimed to speak English. Another negative to watch out for and stay far away from.

Most definitely the traffic is either a bot, or is entered into a traffic exchange, which could be entirely automated. Buyer beware.

Thanks happygoluckyone, I figured as much, your short to the point post wasn’t vague. If a seller chooses to not deliver to e-commerce websites then they should not make claims in their ordering page “we can’t guarntee sales”. Very deceiving. What I don’t get is why would fiverr allow such a seller to state a service they provide for websites that do “sales” or e-commerce sites and when you contact them they say the opposite. Just doesn’t make any sense and will turn off many customers wanting to use fiverr.