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Seller advice about pausing Gigs


Hi fellow Fiverr folks,

Does anyone know whether it’s possible - or allowed - to pause a single gig while it has an active order? I’m considering doing this strategically when I have large projects that I’d like to work on without taking new orders under that gig, yet don’t want to have to put my whole profile into "Vacation Mode."

Any thoughts, comments or advice is appreciated, as always! :slight_smile:


I don’t believe there’s a such thing as pausing a gig while it has an active order. What I recommend you do is space your days of delivery so that you give yourself enough time to complete the order plus leave room for any orders you might get under that same gig. If you can knockout the smaller gig in very little time then do knock it out, deliver it and get back to the larger order.


Thanks @pg1987! This is generally what I do already, and it may be the only option here. If so, I will strategize accordingly!


Actually, unless something has changed since I did it you can absolutely suspend/pause just one gig with an active order on it. There are many cases where that can be useful. If you have new gigs out there with no orders you can leave those active while pausing a gig that has a large open order on it. I have done it to give me time to get up on a high-paying gig that required several days to complete. I suppose something could have changed since I did it but it was easily possible at one time.

The advantage in just changing delivery time as @pg1987 suggested is that you won’t lose your place in search as easily. On the other hand, the down side in changing your delivery time is that sometimes orders still come in on the old delivery time for up to 24 hours and if the gig is very popular you could end up in a bind. That’s the only caveat I can think of.

Vacation Mode will also work on all gigs no matter how many active orders you have, but that has a number of down sides. I had to utilize VM recently due to things beyond my control but I think it will probably take me a few weeks to get orders running back where they were before.


Reply to @fonthaunt: this is great to know. Thanks so much for sharing all of this!


Reply to @fonthaunt: You should be able to pause your gig no mater how many you have in the queue. That is one of the purposes for the pause. I have had no problem with my gigs entering back into the search engines quickly after a pause. I start receiving orders in just a few days. There is rumors that it might even index better than before? I have seen people post about refreshing their gig with subtle changes and re-entering it into the system with good success?


Reply to @landongrace: that’s great to know - thanks Landon!


Reply to @landongrace: Glad to know it still works that way. I’ve never had trouble pausing gigs with orders but haven’t done it for a few weeks. As far as the search engines, I will find that out soon! I went on VM for maybe a week and just took it off yesterday. I thought I would put my best gigs back into service but with slow delivery times while I get back into the swing of things. I did some description editing at the same time to reflect some things I wanted to change so hopefully they will index like any other gig with changes. I’ll try to remember to post how it goes with search.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Sounds great - can’t wait to hear what you find out!


Reply to @fonthaunt: I would put the gig up exactly the way it was if you are going to test how fast it re-enters. You’ve added an extra variable with the changing the delivery time?