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Seller and buyer: Imbalance market


Apparently seen that number of seller is more than buyer which is imbalance market position. Fiverr authority can review the situation.


Any market out there has such an imbalance - nothing unusual. And with the times getting harder each day, it’s natural to have more offers (sellers) than demand (buyers). Everyone wants a piece of the cake, but not everyone likes to give their cakes :wink:


You have to figure in though that many buyers need more than one seller, someone who writes a book, for instance, might have a seller to proofread, another one to edit, a handful to translate, more proofreaders to proofread the translations, someone to convert the book into different book formats, someone to write the blurb, someone to do the cover and back image, someone/s for marketing…
Some need several sellers to work on the same job at the same time too since one seller wouldn´t be able to within their timeframe, some might register but never actually buy something etc., I don’t think the raw numbers tell too much.


But also remember, every seller is a potential buyer as well! :slight_smile:


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Well, you can explain a glass with water as half or full. My concern is more seller with low rated quality product can collect more genuine buyers but this scenario is not that.

As a T-shirt seller, never I purchase the same T-shirt by same price and from this market though people can ask me as a buyer.

Fiverr authority can review to invite genuine buyers here.


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Indeed they are! :slight_smile:


If you are trying to find a market where number of sellers should be equal to number of buyers then this globe is not a favourite place for you . No where you will find this balance in any market place .

Try to understand the word market , It’s competition and you need to compete with your competitor to get customers so instead of blaming the market , Improve yourself so that the customer attracts towards your services , Use good looking and HD images in your gigs or you can add video also , Also replace your profile pic too .

Best of luck:+1:


Yeah, forget Fiverr, the whole world is going down, politics of today are really bad, things are deteriorating everywhere, people think money grows on trees and want everything free and everybody hates everyone else…so the world is going down…does that mean you will sit and cry and do nothing? Live for today and do your best for today. Fiverr may cease to exist a year, month or week from now. But I have made solid money from it for 3 years - not Mickey Mouse money, real money - will make money today, tomorrow, till the day I stop making money here…following which I will do something else. Negativity has no place in my life.

Just to add - when soldiers go to battle, there is always a chance they will get killed or that their nation is headed for defeat. Does that mean giving up and sitting in a corner and crying - “Oh we are all going to die”, “We are all going to lose”…fight for today, live for today. Forget the future. Don’t be negative.


@oscar_98, you can stop it, we believe in you, make Fiverr great again :sunglasses:


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Thanks for your wise advice. Sure it will be helpful for me. But I just expressed my feelings not blamed. Sure you will not feel comfort wearing my shoose.


I have a strong hunch you wanted a reply… :wink:


I’m not sure that’s true. I think probably two thirds of the sellers here do not sell much at all so they don’t really count. Fiverr is doing fine and will continue to do well. And that wouldn’t happen without a lot of buyers.

I do remember when I first started there were only a handful doing similar things to what I do. I have less orders now but somehow I earn more. This is moving away from simply a $5 site but new buyers don’t seem to realize that. Buyers who have been on fiverr longer pay more in general.

Sellers who have been here for years with a solid long term reputation should also realize this is not a $5 site any more but I see these excellent long term sellers still thinking that all sales should mostly be for $5 or $10 which makes no sense. It may be different economies but the bulk of buyers are in Western economies.


This is probably because of what you also said:

Maybe their sales come mostly from new buyers instead of older high paying ones. Or maybe they like having tons of small orders in their queues, to impress Fiverr (quantity over quality) or to impress potential new buyers to get the queue even longer, to the point of “cancelled, seller failed to deliver on time.”

But some other older sellers (ahem) reach out to both types of buyers by properly using the packaging system: getting access to older buyers through the higher packages, and to the new ones through the $5/fivers (although I agree the new ones can give a hard time - see bargain hunters & extortionists - and I’m honestly considering moving away from the $5 as it carries too much confusing symbolism :smiley: )


Then delete your account dude. :joy:


The $5 buyers have so little invested that they often never even answer my questions or come back to look at what I send them. Those are the easy ones to please. They forget about it.

And then there are those who expect so little for that $5 that they assume what they got has to be worthless.
They don’t bother to read any of it, but decide it’s a joke and treat it as such.


That’s weird: the exact opposite happens on my end. They are the hardest to please, the ones I can’t forget because of how they treat me, and they’re the only ones bringing me cancellations for all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable reasons. #need_to_up_my_prices


Yes I get the occasional awful one too who only paid $5. I switched some of my gigs to packages so I could raise my prices and now wonder if that’s the reason my gigs have plummeted. Not from charging $10 but from something about the packages that makes them not get indexed well.