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Seller and Buyer Right? What should I do?

I just got my account disabled yesterday stating that I violated the Fiverr TOS after i submitted the web url and keywords for the purchased of backlinks building! All I recieved from the Fiverr support team named Maria reponse was as an advised you violated the term and need to wait for 45 to 90 days later to see my money is legit or not. She is not even reponsed back to my reply. I have no advance notice and no time to prepare. Why it is unfair like that? I am wondering why you treat me like that as Im a good buyer and also a good seller. Maria made it seems like Fiverr told you this and you have to follow that. Everything Fiverr said is right and seller have to listen and no agrument here. I feel like at least giving me a good reason and proof of what i have done wrong. I bought 6 orders pending and what im going to do with my clients on the other side?

What kind of sites were you promoting? Were any of them fiverr clones/alternatives? That’s a sure fire way to get punished by Fiverr.

But that is the url to submit for backlinks service! Why didnt they just let me know first instead of disable my account right away! Im pretty sad about that action even I already been thru with Fiverr for a long time!

No, it is not Fiverr clone