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Seller and Fiverr won't reply - Not Happy

Can someone help.
I was halfway through an order, the designer offered 2 designs. I liked one and asked for one more edit to complete the order. It now states that the order is complete. I did not agree to complete the order.

The designer is not replying to me.

I have raised a concern through Fiverr and had an automated system saying I would be contacted within 48 hours but I got nothing.

I have been charged for the job.

Can anyone help?


I think you were the one who was inactive. You have to accept the order within 3 days or the order will automatically be marked as complete. You should’ve gotten a notification, but you didn’t pay attention to it.

I don’t clearly understand the situation here…, but buyer can ask revisions when order is going on ? Why you didn’t ask revisions when the order is in progress?

When the order is complete and you ask more revisions, then you should ask your designer if he/she willing to do more revisions with minor price. Hopefully your designer understand and willing to help you…

I was unexpectedly away, with no internet access. That is no reason to just close the job and close communication. Thanks for your reply though.

He didn’t close the job.
Fiverr did it, it is automated process.
For what you can do, I am not really sure… maybe just contact some other 5$ guy to do that minor job!
After all It’s not designers fault that you weren’t active for 3 days. :grin:

thanks Jovic, that might be a plan :blush::+1:

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As I said before, Seller did what the job what you requested and delivered the order. 3 days without Buyer (your) response, the order gets accepted automatically.

Also as I said, he didn’t close communication. When order is complete, the order communication is closed automatically.

You can contact fiverr customer support for any kind of queries.

To be honest it is a reason.
When you registered on fiver you signed TOS which is basically signing a contract and it’s clearly says there that all orders are autocompleted if buyers don’t take any actions in 3 days.

Do you think that would be fair to make sellers wait for you to respond for example for 2 months because you had bad internet connection?

As for your situation: how long ago did you contact your seller? Have you seen him online since then? (They also might be away the same as you did :woman_shrugging:)
Now you just have to wait for fiverr support to reply to you and they might reach out to your seller to ask him to provide revisions.

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