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Seller and life tip #2055

Don’t be afraid to try something new. I remember my first book I did a voice over on. To be honest, I was kind of intimidated. It was a huge book and I wasn’t sure how well I would do. Then after 3 months of recording I wasn’t sure if it was good because of all the changes he asked for. Eventually I was able to get him the recording he wanted and he absolutely loves it. I even got to learn a thing or two on more effective audio editing! So don’t be scared to break out of your comfort zone and try something new, you might just learn a thing or two you never be able to learn otherwise.


This is so very true. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. To try and fail is not nearly as bad as never trying at all.


But on Fiverr with the evaluation system, trying and failing (eg. trying a new idea for a gig) can be worse than not trying at all. eg. you could get a low rating for it and maybe lose a level and/or be prevented from posting in the buyer requests or that rating might lead to less orders. Or if you fail it might lead to a cancellation which might also be worse than not trying that new gig idea at all (unless you can make up for it which could be difficult). Also failing could also affect search ranking.

Basically the system on Fiverr, including the evaluation system (and the level system, where you are limited in the number of gigs, edit: and depending on the level, you can’t just pause gigs to create a new one to try - you’d have to delete one or more) makes it very difficult to try new things because if it doesn’t work out it can be worse than not trying at all.

If Fiverr had an option for trying new gigs ideas without the risk that would help for that.

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You don’t have to think about Fiverr on this topic. The thing is, you have to learn something new for yourself. Be good at it and then come here on Fiverr and place a new gig that you actually can do.

After all, it’s the DOERS platform.


Good initiative! :smiley:

Though you could be good at that new thing, but until you create the gig on Fiverr you won’t see related buyer requests for it (if it’s in a totally new category) to see what sort of things people are asking for and you won’t get to see what people require from your gig or what they think of how well you do that to their (maybe subjective requirements). And even if you were good at it if you had an issue with the first order for it that could be the end of that gig.

Then maybe they should lessen the risk and allow sellers to do/try new things that they might be good at. A bit of failure on Fiverr can lead to demotions and make it very hard to increase the level again (eg. you can be shown very few buyer requests).

I completely agree. I have done some things out of my comfort zone too and it was only then I realized how much I’m actually learning from just doing it and exploring new things to do!

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As long as you live, you learn. You do. You develop. And you succeed.
Chin up @uk1000. Try. You have nothing to lose.

Even if a gig is failing you can simply delete it and start a new one.
Just go for it.

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Actually I’d need to delete multiple gigs because on level 0 it counts inactive gigs (draft and I think paused ones too) in the total even though the level help screen says the limit is just for active gigs. It should just let you pause one or more to create new ones but it doesn’t.

That’s correct.

Try to level up. Do some marketing on your gigs and you should be good on 15th of the next month to add more gigs.

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Well I’m only editing videos for 2 years now and I was never afraid of new stuff, I actually really like doing new things, things I might be scared off. What i want to learn is though, as a new fiverrer, how do I get reach or the first offer even?

Fortune favours the brave.

A lot of people on here moan about Fiverr despite them driving lots of traffic and good leads to the site for free.


Trying something new is the most wonderful thing in the world, either you learn or you succeed, and if yo think of it that way, than you won’t be afraid of failing. I am trying a voice over on my services as well, let’s see if it pays off.