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Seller and matter of social media management

I was working on Pinterest management for a client for a 30-day plan all things were good between us after …after 29 days of continuas pnning following and managing his own tailwind and pinpinterest account for the growth of his Pinterest page (which wasn’t included on my gig) he says “he doesnt like my way of working and he is not satisfied and he would like to cancel the order” …so the order was canceled…so the pins i did and followers he gained because of my work he took it for free…fiverr offers a watermark on graphics created by graphics design for keeping it safe but fiverr also has many marketers so if i cancel my order all the things should revert back to changes made right? i am new so if a client cancels my order it takes like 11% of my order completion

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Contact CS with screenshots of your conversation with this client.

Do NOT agree to cancel.

CS can be very helpful in this type of situation.

i cancelled it…many other freelancers told me fiverr is a buyer friendly website if the buyer reports your id…your id will be disabled permanently

Well, sorry to say: too late now with this gig.

For future reference: sometimes buyers want free work. It happens sometimes and CS are aware it happens. My personal experience is that they are very helpful indeed as long as you keep to TOS, can prove you’ve done the work … and contact them early enough in the process.

As to the freelancers who say CS is biased towards buyers … well, did those freelancers keep to the rules?

Use this as a learning experience and move on. It’s a hard lesson, but one you should bear in mind when dealing with buyers from now on.

thanks for sharing the info…how can i prove something of management of social media …that i have done work?

Screenshots are very helpful in proving you’ve done the work. I generally take a “before” screenshot if appropriate, plus various others as I go along. Awesome Screenshot is a useful browser add on for this purpose.

thanks but are you sure that only screenshot can prove this?

Fiverr customer support can see everything. Screenshots are just a nice way to explain the situation, but they do not change the matter at hand. You have been scammed. Anybody who will try to do what’s been done to you is a scammer because you’ve done the work and no matter if they like it or not, you deserve the money. The money is basically already yours.

Yes, the buyer could leave a bad review if you didn’t agree to cancel, but you can dispute that review with customer support and explain the situation. If customer support believes the review to be unfair, they will remove it, which happens often enough. It’s better to get your money and make sure your rights are protected than to lose on big amounts of money.

Remember that you are doing this to grow both as a freelancer and as a person, so if you agree to everything that clients ask for, everybody will start treating you badly if you let them and you are going to get used to it, leading to other problems. Never accept to cancel unless you think you’ve done a bad job.

If you think you’ve done a good job and your client says otherwise, simply deliver and keep stating that the work is completed.


thanks for your knowledge

If you deliver exactly what you and buyer agreed then there is no need to cancel the gig and let him get away with the free work.
What you can do is to report the buyer and attach all the screenshots as proof of your work.