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Seller Approved Order Sysem Option

Ok this is just a suggestion. As there is an option for sellers to submit a custom order for buyers, if approving an order was somewhat similar. A lot of sellers have in their gigs contact to me before ordering but a lot of buyers buy anyway without doing that. Now where the buy button is if that would instead show as a CONTACT FIRST button to place an order with the details, somewhat like a the custom order form but coming from the buyer instead of the seller, still as the base $5 gig and extra options. And the seller decides to either approve or reject the order, the same way a buyer can with a custom order. This would save a lot of frustration for sellers. Well I hope that somewhat made sense.

That does makes sense from one perspective, however, there is also another business perspective is that if you give people the option to not buy right then and there, the same amount of sales would not happen.

Sometimes you have to catch the buyer right at the moment when they really want to buy something, if you don’t you can loose many sales that way too.