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Seller ask for money


I want to hear your oppinion please.
And this is ofcause only my side of the equation.
I ordered a computer painting 15 april, it was a customize work I wanted, so i wrote to seller and told him about my needs. He told me 250$ because I wanted many details in the painting. He startet his account only a little before I ordered, 2 weeks I think, so I saw just what was in his portfolie, and that was really beautiful stuff with details, so my assumption, and I doublechecked with him, that this same level would be in the whole picture. But after ordereing the gig, (he got 2 weeks), I did not hear from him, that could be fine, but after deadline was over, he send me a NOTHING, a blank attachment, and when confronted, he said oh im sorry, i will get back to you and correct it. He did 5 days later and it was a picture, not in agreement, it is ofcause difficult to define, but let say, it was very very far away from what we agreed concerning theme, and there were really no details, it was like totally different level than his portfolie. I confronted. He asked to be guided, I did, but asked if he read any of what I wrote beforehand, because a lot was stated there. He either did not understand or did not read, because every time, he send things that did not even try to use my guidence, and every time 7 days went by, always nice, when he wrote, but nothing was happening concerning the painting. You know inside I got more and more frustrated and used a lot of energy to push it away. I saw 2 other people got things finished but it was NOT on the level he proclaimed in his portfolie, they too thru there ratings were not happy, but they just agreed becuase they could see he could never reach what they had hoped for. At that point I confronted him and said, please lets cancel this, obviously this in not going to happen, you used 1 month now 2 weeks overdue, but he wanted to carry on. After that things did not change, same, sending me stuff, and but he was not trying to take my directions, and what he send was just not the level, and half finished every time. I told him again I wanted to cancel, but he rejected me everytime. I turned to support, and they also turned me down, the first 5 times, but I continued and spoke my case. After that suddently they made the cancel, and I can use the 250 $ for something else, wich is fine.
the buyer now returns to me and are still polite but thinks I owe him for the effort and using a lot of time on it. !!!
I explain how I feel and how he used since 15.april until 2 days ago, on the painting, and without any reolution,
He kept that he used a lot of time on this…
My dilemma is this.
I have a very hard time giving money to someone that I feel maybe have tricked me a little or at least did a setup where he oversell himself, buton the other hand I on the other hand could have been a little more careful and investigated before comitting with 250$.
He is from a country not known for high saleries.
If i give him as much as a dime, i feel i support that kind of attitude, and I feel I let the people really delivering every day down.
On the other hand maybe he did his best, but he just in his eager to get some money as a newbie (as im too), saied yes and that his portfolie was a little too optimistic too…
Please let me hear you guys, what would be a correct way now, were we are att he moment, should I give him anything or nothing ?


I feel like he was advertising something he was not able to deliver (considering you mentioned previous buyers reviews also showed frustration regarding his work wherein what he delivered is not in par with what he claims in his portfolio).

Although I have a bit of a forgiving nature than most if I went through the exact same experience (seller going over deadline – sending a blank attachment and only takes action when confronted) reflects no professionalism in part of the seller at all especially the order is an investment of $250. If the case was a bit different, maybe I would give a bit for his effort but for this case I personally wouldn’t. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! :notes::musical_note: Cue in Kelly Clarkson

And you are right, if you give him a dime it [for a lack of better term - slightly] comes off as you supporting that kind of attitude. It might come off as a pity party (although yes, I agree we might need a little more compassion in the world) – it might be better for the seller in the long run that he learn the hard way on certain things. You can explain to him in a firm yet kind manner regarding your concerns on the whole thing.

Ultimately, it is your choice on how you want to go about this. Stand by your decision. :slight_smile:


Based on your story, it sounds like you already tried to be patient and give this person many chances. I agree that it was not a good idea to spend $250 on a new person’s gig without a really good idea that they could complete it. That doesn’t mean that is is one bit your fault that the seller couldn’t read your ideas or finish the job.

If you gave me the smallest possible amount, say $5, it would be pure charity and Fiverr is supposed to be a business site. It’s not for donations. The seller needs to develop skills or offer something he is able to do. I can’t tell you what to do, but I think you have given enough time to this person already. If they continue to inbox you, you can also report them for unsolicited messages. Sellers like that make good sellers look like less.


That seller violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service when they sent you a blank attachment.

Have you checked whether their portfolio was plagiarized? There are some dishonest sellers who will just steal images from the internet and claim that they made them (the most ridiculous claim I’ve seen so far was the Starbucks logo, and yes, that’s how far some of them would go).

It’s up to you. I’d just ignore him, or report him if he kept messaging me.

If all of his clients are complaining about the quality of his work, he won’t last long, anyway.


Thanks,after you wrote about their portfolio could be plagiarized, I made a search, and sure enough it was. I feel so stupid I did not think about it. I contacted the support many times about the obvious difference between what I got delivered and the pictures shown in his portfolie, and im amazed that the support group, living in their jobs everyday dont check this right away, and stop this, it must be in the interest of Fiverr too, but maybe not. I wrote to them about it, but seller is still there, and support did not answer yet.


Support is seriously understaffed. It takes them time to respond, and plagiarism takes time to check (plus, they might need to send all the info to Trust & Safety, and that takes time, too).


Your writings made me trust that you are a very patient and soft kinded person.
The seller tried his best to do your project. His communications level may be much slower (as mine) than yours. I know some sellers, around me, use Google Translator to translate English into their own languages. It could be fine. But Google translator could not translate English into some other languages accurately. This means, he faild to understand your directions clearly.
Another important issue is that some new sellers copy content from top rated or high level seller’s gigs which are not appropriate for them at all.
He may be did so for his profile or portfolio.

In some countries $250 is a very high amount. So, running after this money for a long time and finally being failed, he may get deshearted.

It is totally upon you how you should treat you seller. but I think all should be market standard. We shouldn’t do anything which could destroy our beloved FIVERR market.


It’s good to cancel order instead of low ratings you are really patient I hope to get buyers like you


That is crazy! What was that person thinking :joy:


Just forget him.
You gave him more than one chance
he delivered almost 1 week late
and he delivered… a blank work
and something that does not correspond to his portfolio

If you give him a chance, be prepared to lose your money


Report it to customer support. It is in the interest of other buyers, honest sellers, and Fiverr as a whole.
They sometimes need a while to react, they get lots of support requests, need to Che k both sides of the equation as you put it, and please keep in mind that while it sometimes might seem there are many “bad sellers” (or buyers, sellers as well have problems with scamming buyers), the thing is that people who plagiarize and scam most probably don’t think twice about spoofing their IP, etc.,and violating the terms and open another account when one gets banned.
In fact, if you find, say, 10 accounts with stolen portfolios, they all might belong to the sane 1 scammed - I just say 10:1 randomly, I don’t have any real data.

You seem to be a very sensible and kind person though, as others already noted, and I’m sure you’ll find great sellers to work with if you dig a bit deeper next time. :slight_smile: