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Seller asking for better rating for refund! Not ok!


Our discussion here is actually a good example in how people see the topic differently. My negative experience tells a story, true - of bad services delivered. Not of my bad choices. I look always at the seller rating but strangely they always have 5 star rating and I can just imagine why. BECAUSE also Fiverr itself promotes to leave a rating just after a gig is delivered which not necessary means executed. Some gigs especially on web services takes time sometimes it’s up to 30 days or more. Only then (after 30 days) you truly can evaluate the delivered service against the promoted description. But I have the impression many users do their evaluation right after the gig is delivered (but not executed). And you can find enough proof for that. E.g. gig says "you will see a web result in 20–30 days but the buyer just left a feedback right after delivery of the unfinished (executed) gig.

Even you are saying you not advocating sellers but your arguing is rather suggesting exactly that. If you accept a “watered drink” than it’s your thing.

My (buyers) responsibility?
So tell me what I do wrong in demanding a obviously 5 star seller should deliver as described and in time?

The key issue is the SELLER is in obligation! By the way under legal aspect you have a contract by accepting my order and to fulfill these order - no matter if the costs are $5, 25$ or $125.

I demand from a 5 star seller that he’s delivering at the first time - no excuses. And again a higher price is no guarantee for a better service. What if all Fiverr gigs would all start at $25 as minimum? What excuse do you have then if not delivered as described?


No stress from me. Demand what you want.

No, higher prices do not guarantee a better product. But cheap prices don’t guarantee excellence either, no matter what they promise. Often in life, cheap isn’t the best quality.

You could be demanding more than is reasonable -OR- you are totally right to expect excellence at the investment you are making. I have no idea.

I’ve lived long enough to see over time, in most markets you get what you pay for.

If it’s not working for you, then maybe you need to select better. If you don’t think so, no problem.

I doubt “demanding” in the forum will make any difference overall, but best of luck to you. If your strategy is working, keep doing it. If it’s not at some point you might consider an adjustment.

Again: No stress from me no matter how you handle it.




Wow, I wish I said it that well.

Excellent summary.


You are hypothetical now ! I could demand more what is reasonable etc… Stay on the facts. I only demand what is described in the gig. In your arguing it’s a buyers fault to select the “wrong” seller, which is partly true but theoretically I can’t do something wrong if choosing a 5 stars seller - theoretically!. The reality proofs different.


It’s very easy. Seller offers a product as described and I want that product as described, not more - not less! Simple principle of doing business.


Warning Signs of a Potentially Troublesome Buyer


Warning! Signs of potentially biased seller!


I agree with this somewhat, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to evaluate a gig like that right away, though for one this would be the buyer’s responsibility to not review a gig before knowing it really was done properly, and for another, fiverr would have to lengthen the time window for leaving reviews even more for such cases, which again wouldn’t be good for the many gigs that can easily be evaluated within the given time frame, I guess the time windows, like most other things, are compromises between buyers’ and sellers’ side they came up with.

And then you have to take into account that some reviews might be from return buyers. So while my gigs, translations, are anyway something you usually should be able to check within the given timeframe, I think it does sometimes happen that a return customer of mine leaves a review right away, I suppose because they know from experience that they are happy with my work and don’t want to log in again for a rating later so they just accept and right away rate the delivery all in one, and the rating includes things like communication too.

But again, that’s not because of my, the seller’s, doings, but by choice of the buyer, I don’t even ask for a rating at all since quite a while, so there’s certainly no pressure from me.

If buyers let sellers push them to rate before they even checked, in cases we’ve seen complaints about apparently even rated a gig the seller didn’t yet deliver fully, then that’s the fault of the buyer as well. Why let oneself be pushed.

That said, generally sellers of course shouldn’t try to tell their customers how to rate them. If a seller tried to do that with me it would definitely be the last time I purchased their service, and depending on how they tried to do it, might report it to Customer Service.

And you can find several mentions on fiverr’s pages that offering refunds for better rating and such aren’t okay. I’d recommend everyone, sellers and buyers to regularly read up on TOS and policies, there sometimes are updates and many don’t seem to ever read them at all from what one gets to read here on the forum.


You really should be having a damn lot of money then…
You have 3 choices in these cases -

  1. Ask the seller for revisions and get the work done.
  2. Ask the seller for a refund if he/she is not up to the mark and buy from another seller who will.
  3. Lose your money and become late for getting your work to satisfy your displeasure.

So, by saying no to the sentence in your OP, are you saying that you prefer the 3rd choice? (I would definitely not)

Your both these things do not fit together quite well. The seller cannot refund you for changing your rating. As far as I am concerned, this action would be against the Fiverr ToS and your can report the seller to CS if you like.

Same explanation as the first part of my post. :slight_smile:


I had at least two cases where the seller delivered not as described so I told him I will leave a justified evaluation then. He then starts complaining this would affect his work and income and he will refund me by cancel the gig to avoid a “bad” rating. That’s ridiculous! Of course he can’t refund AFTER a evaluation is made and someone can’t re-write a evaluation once its done already.

If a seller can’t deliver what is described then he gets the relevant rating, period. You can’t tell your Professor at the university during at test “Oh, i am sorry I wasn’t prepared, can I have a better rating when I do a rework?”

Again some sellers are too sloppy with their understanding of service.


Of course he can’t. That’s why the title makes no sense.


Of course it’s the buyers responsibility - no question. I see it also a bit “tricky” from Fiverr to do it in that way. The evaluation notification should come only then when the gig is fulfilled and not when delivered. The wording delivered is here somewhat misused.

There is no difference if it’s a new buyer or return buyer. Always do a verification, then leave a justified evaluation.

Yes, offering refunds for better rating is not ok but I get the impression its frequently done.

Thanks for your input.


Title makes absolutely sense when you read my statement from 10 min ago. Thank you.

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If the seller refunds you before the gig is marked as complete, you can’t leave a review. That’s why he can’t get a better rating for refund.


It means, Fiverr has had enough of your rant for one day.

Please try again tomorrow. :slight_smile:


From a seller’s perspective, believe me, it depends on the service.

For example, if a buyer wants me to re-design a pdf document, create from a 2 pages design, one single page which would include everything, isn’t it normal to ask for modifications if something is not exactly as he imagined it? Or maybe he just wants an image removed, or moved a bit to the right. In cases like this one, where no clear instructions are given, it’s impossible to guess exactly the outcome of what he imagines. Even more, as most of this kind of orders come from a business owner, usually upon delivery he goes and consults with his partners/colleagues and then comes back to ask for slight modifications after noting everyone’s opinion & ideas which would help complete the final design.

Same goes with (mostly creative) writing. If a buyer does not like your personal style, why would he leave a negative review, just because he has a different taste? Just because you do not like something, it doesn’t mean it’s not good or professional work.

I’m not saying any of these is your case, but I added the arguments in order to make myself understood. It really depends on the service. Can you image a buyer ordering a design which he could not edit by himself, and not asking for a revision just to change a small part of it? Not only does he lose his money on something that is not useful to him, but he leaves a negative review to a seller, downgrading his reputation, although he could have provided that edit within minutes and the entire situation could have been fixed immediately.

Revisions are usually for fixing anything which does not align with what you expected or fixing any errors that the seller might not have noticed.

I hope you can understand my point of view.


Exactly but I don’t agree with this one a bit :slight_smile: -


If you were a buyer, and wouldn’t like someone’s writing style, would you rather leave a negative review instead of asking for a mutual cancellation?



I can see both of your point of view on this one.

Not including proofreading or editing gigs, any other writing gigs, I personally think it’s the buyer’s responsibility to order no more than a $10 gig when working with someone they’ve never had interaction with previously.

If I do not like your writing style, it doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means my taste or idea is different from the sellers. If it was full of errors, that would be completely different.

If he or she did a great job but the style doesn’t suit me, then it’s not the sellers fault. You did the work, you should be paid. Your review should be based on the quality of the work delivered. I may not like your writing style but there may be a thousand others who will love it.

Leaving a bad review would mean I am the one with the problem. If I have a problem with leaving a good one, then just don’t - I mean it is optional. (Oh, I am not talking about bad deliveries - a seller with writing gig who delivers something full of errors are completely different!)

At that point, I need to move on and find someone that has the same taste as me.



Fiverr is an international platform. Each seller is his or her own small business owner. How they choose to behave and run their own business is basically dependant on their level of motivation.

Many sellers take it seriously while there are those who thought this was an easy way to make a quick buck. I was disgusted to find there are websites where new sellers trade reviews to get started. That sort of dishonesty is the ones you may have run across.

I have made many purchases here, luckily I’ve had really great experiences - yes, I have run across those that behave as you described. In the long run, I’ve actually saved a great deal of money by finding some top notch professionals.

Editing and translations service used to cost me $$$$ but now it costs me $ or $$ and you know what - once I found the right sellers - they do better work for less.

Don’t be so quick to judge. You may find a few more bad/unprofessional sellers here. I promise you that you will find those that will blow your mind, if you stay around.

My 2 cents of advice/experience.