Seller Asking For More to Cover Fiverr Cuts After Delivery


I purchased a custom writing/editing gig after discussing the details with the seller, the price was comparable to others offering the same service. The gig was delivered, good reviews were excanged, I was happy and left a 10% tip, all was said and done.

Now the seller has realized that Fiverr takes a 20% cut and has come back to me asking if I could send an additional $20 to him to cover the fee. I wrote back stating it should not fall on the responsibility of the buyer to make up these differences associated with business expenses and should have been considered when the offer was first made. I also mentioned that I also paid my Fiverr fees as a buyer when I purchased the gig. The seller seems upset that I do not want to cover his seller fees.

As a seller myself, I understand the frustration of seeing this first hand but also agree that we are paying for the Fiverr platform to operate. Just like any storefront, there are fees associated with them, rent, space, time, usual… but that should already be a factored into the price of items being sold. I respect Fiverr’s fees for this reason and don’t think it is appropriate to ask a buyer for more after the sale because of this.

What are your thoughts?


Stop responding to him, and if he continues to be persistent, report him to CS.

It is one’s professional duty to remain professional as this is a business environment, not a child’s play.

It was his due diligence to know the cost of doing business here.


I have no intention to respond any further. I thought this would be an interesting discussion here. If he does become demanding a report is exactly my next move.

I had considered using this seller again but after this act, I’ve removed his gig from my book. The work was great but I don’t want to do business anymore with a person who can’t understand business side of selling or remain professional.

Has anyone else had similar experience?


That was a first possibly on fiverr. That took chutzpah for that seller to do that.


I may understand a kind of ‘disappointmet’ before, when Fiverr had the prices fixed at $5.
Now everybody can offer their works at the prices they like, if s/he’s not happy with the earnings after Fiverr’s cut, then raise the prices and see if the Gig still can be competitive.
Just forget that seller, s/he’s not professional at all.


I agree with you. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the fiverr 20% fee, not so much on fiverr but on youtube and other various places on the internet. But as you say, fiverr give us a platform to use and they pay for all the administrative stuff (customer service and all that) and they pay for marketing. If I didn’t have fiverr, I’d have to set up my own website and do all of my own marketing. I think 20% is totally reasonable. Fiverr is an awesome platform and they have expenses too.
The seller should have expected that a portion of their earnings would be taken and they should have done their research prior to making a gig.


His first sale on Fiverr I reckon, Fiverr charged for a reason, we are using the platform to trade our services. The traffic and the maintenance of the website. Hope the seller can understand that.


You should refer him/her to the Terms of Service, which they have accepted upon signing up for an account. The relevant point:

Each order you sell and successfully complete, accredits your account with a net revenue of 80% of the purchase amount.

If they refuse to abide by that, then they are breaching the ToS and should be reported to Customer Service.


What a Funny Seller… :stuck_out_tongue:


You gave him a tip which will go some way towards the 20% he is complaining about. This is his problem not yours. He should have read the Terms of Service.


In my opinion, that was really unprofessional of the seller.


100% agree with you, it’s not appropriate to ask a buyer for more after the sale .I’ve been tipped several times without asking. Delivering high quality work, good communication and a friendly attitude might do it. Also, I used Fiverr as a buyer a couple of times and in one of these experiences, a seller asked me to tip her… guess what? I didn’t and I have never used him again!