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Seller Attitude & First Time Hell

I’ve only been here for about 12 days or so and what I have noticed with sellers is that they show eagerness in doing your project but when you’ve booked them already, it’s like you owe them now.

I’ve booked four gigs so far. Everything has been mostly awful. I tried:

  1. Getting a video edited
  2. Have a YouTube Thumbnail made
  3. Have a YouTube Banner made
  4. Have an Intro/Outro made

You know how horrified I was when I had a deadline to be posted on my birthday and I gave #1 enough time (about 7 days) to edit my birthday video. At day 6, she messages to cancel and tells me she couldn’t do it cos she said she read my requirements and it took her that one day to realize that there’s too many things she won’t be able to do and she doesn’t want to disappoint.

Well, sure. That sounds lovely and all but you took 6 days to tell me that. At around Day 3/4, I would message her asking the status and the progress. I even sent the YouTube Thumbnail I got edited so that she would have an idea of the output and she said it looked great.

She eventually tells me that what I wrote on the requirements, which is a WHOLE ten list of things she needed to know and said to be specific and accurate about the video so she can edit it easier, that it’s something she cannot do. It’s so offensive that she didn’t even give my requirements a browse through even on Day 1, 2 or 3 because I would have tried to find someone else then. She even said she was feeling ill, if that’s the case then she should have let me know beforehand.

So, that was horrendous. I eventually found an editor out of Fiverr. My first experience with this app was so bad that I didn’t think to book anymore sellers. But I gave it a chance that maybe it’s not one size fits all and not everyone is the same.

But with #2, it took forever for the edit. First draft edits were terrible but through constant communication, I eventually got what I wanted. The problem was that, it’s like sellers don’t listen to their clients. I request modifications in bullet or numbered forms so that they know what to change. This one had unlimited revisions which was fine. But it’s also sad that we could get the final output if he just listened to the edits I wanted already.

For every one modification, he would do something else so I constantly had to remind him that we are good with the last edit and that we should edit just one thing specifically. A couple of revisions would have probably resolved it but it’s the paying attention to the details of the modification that should matter so that they can move on to other projects and not constantly repeat their mistakes.

But, the output for this one is my favorite and he was very nice. Just really stubborn. Eventually told me that he was sick and in and out of the hospital. I even said that there was no rush but told him to just edit what needs to be fixed and not add anymore or change details according to what he wanted.

I don’t know how often this happens but so far, at this point, TWO SELLERS I’ve been in contact now have been getting “sick” and therefore unable to either finish or do the project or take a long time.

#3 initially gave me an output that I didn’t like but we worked towards something familiar and we got to something that I eventually liked. Again, with this one, the modification process is something they don’t pay attention to when you only want little details and they give you “more” of something that you don’t want.

THE KEY IS paying attention to what the buyer wants and not go along with your creative juices UNLESS allowed by buyer. Seller eventually tells me we only had 3 revisions in the package that I bought but reminded him and highlighted and underlined in previous conversations that if he PAID ATTENTION to my requests, we won’t have to make anymore modifications.

He kept modifying it without listening to what needed to be edited and eventually said, MORE REVISIONS means MORE $. “If you want more revisions, you pay more.” I get that if the revision was drastic or completely new but when I would just say, “Please remove this or change this color to this one.” And then the new changes would miss those requests, it’s annoying how it took forever but after I reminded him that he didn’t do the modification, he said, I CHANGE ONE LAST TIME.

Eventually, I got the output I wanted but it took many back and forth exchanges which could have been resolved if the seller paid attention to little details. As I write this, you have an idea of how specific I am when I express clarity in conversing. So, I don’t understand how these sellers miss the mark besides probably the language barrier. English isn’t my first language either.

I don’t mean to say all sellers are bad but so far, the Seller Attitude (dealing with clients, way they convey their message, speak to clients when hired) is really something here. I wish to still book more sellers eventually when needed but the experience with people have been setting me back. Everything is kind of a risk here.

With #4, I thought it was gonna go smoothly. His first draft was amazing and I thought I wouldn’t have any problem. I asked a request and said to give me 5 different types of music since the package I bought (different quote, higher than what was in his page, double the price than his most expensive package) had 5 revisions.

He said 5 revisions doesn’t mean I’ll give you 5 different things. If you want something edited or changed cos of misspelling or want a different look, that’s what we can revise and I said, OH OKAY. I got that. So, when I eventually told him to edit the look, he was very willing and eager.

For the first two or three modifications, he was listening but he kept missing one part out that I already mentioned in the FIRST modification. I told him to KEEP the font from the FIRST DRAFT and for every NEW MODIFICATION, he changes it to something drastic WHICH WAS NOT A REQUEST I MADE. So, there are weird things like that.

I’m not sure how everyone else’s experience is and if it’s the same but we pay other people money so they would listen to us so that we would eventually get what we want but it’s like, why are they not paying attention to details and create their own modification as to what they seem fit in their mind. So, that’s what sets me off during my experience here.

If you have similar experiences or resolutions we can look forward to in order to have a better understanding, please share. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Well, you are exactly the seller the OP is talking about. Did you even read his post? Where did you see that he was looking for a seller? Did you read forum rules? Did you see that you are not allowed to promote yourself and attach links to your gigs? You are only showing that you didn’t listen to what he wrote and that’s exactly what is his concern:sellers doesn’t pay attention to details.

@sirkevinmartin you can see that even here on the forum we can see the same attitude you experienced ordering gigs. Fiverr is an international platform and some cultures are very different and they see that behaviour as a norm.


@saqlain95 I know everyone is looking for work and working hard to to get it but this doesn’t look professional at all. Answer this honestly, do you buy from a sales man who follows you? Offcourse not right? Don’t get me wrong but it seems just like someone got hurt and you are trying to sell bandaid instead of trying to help them out.


Sorry to hear of your frustrations. Sadly there are people who think taking the money is all they need to do to be a freelancer.

Sadly also there are customers who want a Ferrari for $5. I do wonder if you didn’t hire sellers who price too low - indicating limited skills and probably even more limited professionalism?

Look around, there are good sellers here.


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He sounds like a mortally wounded werewolf.

It looks like there was a language barrier in all instances and given the high amount and specificity of the edits the project required people would just blank out on things without meaning to. In which case, either hire a native speaker or try short sentences with commonly used words only. I do that when I get buyers who think they speak English (but they really don’t).

Not to knock your communication style or anything but some people are wordy and very meticulous without realizing it. Add to that someone who doesn’t speak English well and you’ll get a disaster on your hands.


Caught me off guard with that random reply. Haha. I think he should be on a different forum where he can sell his gigs.

It’s been chaotic but I’m hopeful for future projects. Thank you for sharing your experience! :slight_smile:

Haha. Right? Well, guess you can’t win them all. I guess he probably just read the headline and copy and pasted a standard reply! :laughing:

Not at all. The video editor I hired was selling gigs at $85. With unlimited raw files while I only sent about less than two hours of videos.

The simple Intro/Outro was at $40. Initially at $60. I said it was too much. But, yeah. I mean I got a $5 for the YouTube Thumbnail cos it was only a photo and I already had a visions for it, lol. He was just going to materialize that vision. Haha.

I want to look forward to experiencing better sellers in the future. Hopefully, it changes. Thank you for your input! :slight_smile:

I laughed at the werewolf thang. Haha.

Probably a language barrier issue, for sure. But the fact of the matter is, they eventually get to deliver what was initially requested. Haha.

So, I think it’s also because they’re rushing everything to end so quickly. To the point that they don’t get to read all the specific details being requested.

At most, I put in a bullet or numbered form for better understanding. It worked for my LAST final modification, lol.

Hello @sirkevinmartin, really sorry to hear about your experience here. If I may give a tip (this is something I learned and implemented at my day job), ask your seller(s) to repeat/summarize the request. I find some things can be lost in the chat since we tend to jump from one thing to another, so I always try to summarize everything before I execute something.

Now, not all sellers would like this as it can be seen as offensive - so you may want to word it in a way that is not so direct. However, I personally find it really helpful. :relaxed:

Maybe she had another emergency like her Computer got lost or she fell sick and could not complete the task.

I will suggest that you show empathy to her situation and maybe next time give her another chance to prove she can deliver quality work.

Except the seller initiated the cancellation herself on day 6th openly stating that the task was too difficult for her to complete. Should the buyer then proceed with chasing the said seller around and begging them to take the job they don’t want to do to show empathy?

There is 99% chance (and I’d bet money on this) that the seller liked the budget a lot. Even though it was either too low for the amount of work or the task was too complex for her skill level. So she tried to talk herself into doing the project and even, quite possibly, attempted to complete it. Then, on day 6 out of 7, it became apparent that it wasn’t happening. So she cancelled.


No, I thought she heard a good reason behind her request for order cancellation. I didn’t read the entire story, sorry.

That was so unprofessional of the seller. The buyer should not follow her around and request the project done. He should find another freelancer who is willing to do the hard work and deliver quality.

But in future I think is okay for him to allow the seller another opportunity.

I would assume that $85 for anything more than 2 hours total project time to be underpaid work.

Just because someone quotes a low price and says they will do an infinite amount of work, doesn’t mean that this will be comparable to a JJ Abrams editing suite. Matter of fact, the less someone charges, the more you should be concerned as a buyer under the question - “what are they taking out?” when if you looked in the Yellow Pages for a local professional who gets paid significantly more for the same claimed outcome.

If the true professional charges $250 for the same work that someone says they will do for $85, you might as well spend $5 (or probably would be better buying a beer with that $5) as if the $85 seller was remotely good they would be charging closer to the going rate of $250.

All the sketchy behaviors should not happen but are inevitable when hiring under the market value as clearly they are not professional - or even what an economist would call “rational” i.e. selling a $250 service for $85 is not rational.


I don’t get the fact that they over promise and under deliver. I suggest you to go for Fiverr pro. They have experience and most of the time don’t fake thier promises. It may be a little more than normal sellers but it’s worth it :slight_smile:

You must see the sellers review before u order her

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