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Seller Availability- Online - issue facing from the last April

I am facing the issue since the last April. and my gigs order volume came to near by zero. Me and my clients have found that my gigs are not appearing online on search time. I was mention the problem before on customer care! but did not get any positive solution from fiverr. I would like to share all of you those are working hard for “online Appearance” and facing the same issue… :scream:

If you are not using Chrome you could try using it as Fiverr supports that better than other browsers (I had trouble with it not showing the online status when I was using Firefox I think).

This is what support said about the online status:

When you sign into your Fiverr account there is a 15-minute delay before the system will show you as online to other users. This is represented by the status dot on your profile picture in the top right. When it is grey you are offline and green is for online. There is a timeout if your page is idle for some time, this is usually 30-45 minutes.

The problem what I am facing on my account; share with the community. But your tech explanation is right. Unfortunately I am facing the problem. :slight_smile: And couple of days pass the issue have fixed from fiverr developer.

I’m having this same issue right now.

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